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Telemed Medical Aid

The Telemed Medical Aid was previously one of the renowned Medical Aid Schemes in South Africa. However, in 2010 it was merged and taken over by the Bestmed Medical Aid Scheme. Hence, for whatever benefits that the former members of the Telemed Medical Aid had, they will be harvesting the better and more prominent features that Bestmed has. This combined effort has led the Bestmed Medical Aid as one of the most popular in the market. The intention of the company is not to reduce the privileges and benefits that Telemed members have, but rather enhance it and protect it. The financial prowess and strength that Bestmed Medical Aid has is considered to be because of their strong concepts and designs of great products and excellent customer service.

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Spectramed Medical Aid

spectramed medical scheme

The Spectramed Medical Aid service scheme is one of the most sought after services in South Africa due to its fantastic package offers. A huge section of the local community does agree that the company should be considered as the right place to refer to when it comes to medical concerns especially those pertinent to services and medications. The company boasts of its traditional yet futuristic medical schemes that seem to benefit every registrant. As a matter of fact, it allows members to put aside some savings as well. There are a number of different medical service packages being offered, and based on the type of subscribed package, generous day-to-day remunerations will be given to patients.

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Sechaba Medical Aid


Established way back in 1978 by a group of Sowetan doctors, the Sechaba Medical Aid considers itself to be one of the richest in experience and tradition. South Africa has long been entrenched in issues of race, and the Sechaba Medical Aid is proud to be one first hundred percent black-owned medical administrator in the country. Formerly known as the Sizwe Medical Services, this organization has expanded its growth to such a wide medium of expertise that it has become one of the best in the market, especially when it comes to customer service, people empowerment, and the application of its IT systems to the healthcare industry.

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Sappi Medical Aid

Sappi Medical Aid provides its services to a number of different clients. Staffs of Sappi are automatically registered as members of the scheme. Sappi is targeting most of the diverse groups including pensioners, widowers and their family members who are eligible for the scheme. The company has always been concerned with the wellbeing of its members. This is why it is looking forward to improve on its line of products and services. In order to receive the most satisfactory experience when dealing with Sappi, clients are advised to update their information. Keeping updated information ensures speedier services and it can even save lives when it involves critical or traumatic cases.

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Samwu Medical Aid

The Samwu Medical Aid is one of the longest standing medical care programmes in South Africa. Established way back in 1952, it was formed by the Cape Town Municipal Worker’s Association. The idea and concept behind its creation was mainly to provide the necessary healthcare for its patients and such. The Fund was structured in the simplest manners that even the ordinary people can learn and use the features it has. Changes to the policies and rules of the Fund happened quite prominently over the years as local legislation and rules came into being. By 1999, the Samwu Medical Aid started to form this national scheme that will provide the best services.

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Nedgroup Medical Aid

There are various reasons why patients prefer to choose Nedgroup Medical Aid to seek for medical services. One of the reasons is due to the fact that emergency health cases can never be predicted but the cost of treatment can, often times, get so expensive. By being a member of Nedgroup, issues pertaining to medical costs can be put aside as everyone in the family is able to receive adequate amount of medical services at a time by opting for a variety of medical plans offered by the company.

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Sasol Medical Aid

When it comes to health care and medical services, it will be the MedScheme group that will offer some of the most extensive Schemes in South Africa. Among the Schemes that are part of the groups’ plans is the Sasol Medical Aid. This is typically a product line made specifically for employees of the Sasol Group of Companies. Incidentally, the product specifications of the coverage even include those former employees who have retired, been retrenched, or became medically disabled. Dependents of employees such as the spouse, children, and even the parents of the employees will be covered under the policy.

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Quantum Medical Aid

Today consumers are exposed to a variety of options when it comes to choosing the best medical aid scheme on the market. South Africa is one of the countries that is experiencing a rapid growth in the sector of medical aid scheme. Quantum Medical Aid is one of them, but it has flourished over the years and has become one of the most dependable companies that can be relied on at all times.

A family without medical protection is going to live in fear. This is why everyone should consider looking for the best medical aid scheme regardless of how much money they bring home each month. Registering with Quantum Medical Aid relieves the financial pressure to many South Africans, as the company truly understands about the economic conditions of most local families.

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Selfmed Medical Aid

selfmed medical aid

Health care facilities and centres are increasing in prices and cost all over South Africa. With most people earning only enough to pay for their monthly bills, the necessity to have the right Medical Scheme and Plan will come into play. Among the most popular Schemes in the market is the Selfmed Medical Aid, which is typically a medium sized company that was established in 1965.

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SAB Medical Aid

People have to pay a lot of money in order to obtain the best kind of medical attention. Today it is rather difficult to get away from this scenario as everything has increased in price and so do medical products and services. As medical aid is very important, it is not wise to opt out from a good medical aid scheme even when budget is the main hindering factor. SAB Medical Aid understands the hardship experienced by many South Africans. In this country, the locals are burdened to pay for a huge part of their medical expenses. This is rather ridiculous but changes can barely be made. Therefore, the best solution is to seek for the best medical aid scheme that comes with the most affordable price.

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