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Bestmed Medical Aid

Choosing a medical aid can be a daunting task. There are many options these days, not only the various packages but also the many companies to choose from. Do you choose a company that is the oldest or the newest on the market? These companies also have numerous add-on services which makes it even harder to choose.

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Fedhealth Medical Aid

When in the market for medical aid, you will want to ensure that you make the best decision that covers all your needs at that stage of your life. Find one that cares about your needs if you are overweight or need to quit smoking. So what exactly do you look for?

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Looking For Discovery Health Contact Details?

Discovery Health has been one of the leading medical aid providers in South Africa since 1992. They have over 2.5 million clients, which is almost 40% of the total market. Nowadays they are an administrator company, meaning that they have smaller medical aid schemes under their name, proving that they are the leading medical scheme company in South Africa. They are also well known for their ground breaking innovations in the healthcare insurance and wellness industry.

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Sizwe Medical Aid

sizwe medical aid

Over the 34 years of its existence, the Sizwe Medical Fund has cemented a credible reputation as one of the medical cover providers that really listens to the needs of South African workers. Employees from high-earning executives to lower income labourers have found in Sizwe a partner to shoulder their medical worries cost effectively.

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Bonitas Medical Aid

Bonitas has been in the market for 31 years. It has 11 scheme options. In 2016 it boasted 348088 principal members and a total of 753514 beneficiaries. Bonitas believes in the straightforward approach. There are no hidden costs thus eliminating confusion. They are also flexible without compromising on the quality that they offer. The most admirable quality of Bonitas, however, is that they want their members to think of them as a friend.

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Discovery Health Medical Aid

Have you asked the people around you what medical aid they are on? If they work for a corporate company, 8 out of 10 people will probably say Discovery Health. Why is this?

Discovery Health is said to be in line with the King 111 Code of Corporate Governance. Or could it be that Discovery Health has the highest credit rating of AA+ for 12 consecutive years, the only medical aid in South Africa to have achieved this. They also offer a range of additional benefits to their members as well as a vast range of additional products. However you look at it, Discovery Health is a popular choice.

Discovery Health has over 2.5 million members and 1.3 principal members. They have also branched out into car insurance, life insurance, gap cover and a wellness program called Vitality. You can get your monthly medicine either for collection or for delivery though MedXpress.

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