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What is the medical aid savings account (MSA)?


The medical savings account or MSA is a relatively new feature that is now common to many of the top medical aid plans. Despite how prevalent they are, many people still find them quite bewildering and battle to fully understand how they work. It is important that a member grasp the concept in order to get the most out of it. Not understanding it correctly could leave you out of pocket or without the means to pay for treatment or medication.

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What is a self-payment gap?

Depending on your circumstances and medical expenses through the year, you may well deplete your medical savings account before the year is over. If you and your family have a healthy year with minimal day to day expenses, you could carry money over to the next year. If you have one or more members needing doctor or dentist visits and medication, the opposite might happen and your funds could easily dry up long before the end of the year.

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National Health Insurance

The Health Insurance industry of South Africa is one of the most lucrative in the entire African continent. Typically, one of the policies and insurance providers in the area is the government financed system referred to as the National Health Insurance. The coverage of the NHI or the National Health Insurance is applicable for all the citizens of the country. Healthcare essentials for each and every person are covered to the stated value of the disease, and this is applicable for everyone regardless of their employment status and their ability to contribute to NHI.

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What Is the Medical Aid Ombudsman?

medical aid ombudsman

The medical aid ombudsman is a body that one can approach for recourse concerning a number of different issues that relate to your medical aid scheme or service provider, or any other issue related to your medical aid. This can also include the end service providers who are contracted through that particular medical aid or who are a pert of that medical aid scheme.

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Why You Shouldn’t Always Go for the Cheapest Medical Aid

cheapest medical aid

Having proper medical aid cover is ‘n huge benefit to have; especially since you never know when you will need it. There are many medical aid schemes in South Africa and they all have different benefits and pricing structures available; which is why you should always compare plans and benefits before you choose a plan for you or your family.

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How Do Medical Aids Differ from Each Other?

Choosing a medical aid can be quite time consuming, because they all have different plans to offer, and different fees as well. With benefits that can vary so greatly between medical aid service providers, it is always a good idea to do your homework and properly compare them before you make your decision.

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Medical Insurance vs. Medical Aid

medical insurance

Having medical insurance and belonging to a medical aid often sounds like exactly the same thing; but there are actually a few differences between them. There are difference sets of legislation that governs them and they have different characteristics as well.

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The Medical Schemes Act

medical schemes act

There are close to 100 registered medical aid schemes in South Africa with an annual contribution of more than R84 billion; and this is an industry that needs to follow certain guidelines and rules at all times to ensure proper and fair medical care to members of all medical aid schemes. All medical aid schemes need to be registered with the Council for Medical Schemes, which is a statutory body established by the Medical Schemes Act 131 of 1998 and regulates private health financing through medical schemes.

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Medical Aid Broker vs. Applying Online

Belonging to a medical aid scheme is very important and it is a priority for many families in South Africa. Medical cover will come in very handy when you need sudden medical attention, a scheduled doctor’s visit, or when your children fall ill. However, there are so many medical aid companies available to choose from, and a wealth of plans that are suited for anyone’s needs; making it difficult to decide on the perfect medical aid plan for you and your family.

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How Does Medical Aid Gap Cover Work?

medical aid gap cover

Medical aid schemes are an essential part of our every day lives, much like insurance medical aid schemes make the difference between a living a comfortable and secure life and one that is fraught with worry and insecurity as far being sure that all of your living costs, insurance costs and medical costs are properly covered. We have all heard the horror stories of people that have been unable to cover their medical bills adequately and have either had to forego vital medical attention or seek medical attention at an inferior clinic or hospital where their treatment was less than it could have been had they had enough medical aid funds to cover all of the costs involved.

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