Discovery Health has been one of the leading medical aid providers in South Africa since 1992. They have over 2.5 million clients, which is almost 40% of the total market. Nowadays they are an administrator company, meaning that they have smaller medical aid schemes under their name, proving that they are the leading medical scheme company in South Africa. They are also well known for their ground breaking innovations in the healthcare insurance and wellness industry.

Discovery Health Member Contact Details

  • 0860 99 88 77, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • 083 123 88 77

Discovery 911 Contact Details

  • 0860 999 911
  • +27 11 541 1222

Discovery Local Emergency Evacuations Contact Details (ER24)

  • 0860 999 911

For claims you can email them at

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About Discovery Health

Recently Discovery health has been voted as the best medical aid company in South Africa by the Sunday Times Top Brands Survey. They are also one of the only companies in their trade with an AA+ rating form Global Credit Ratings. They are an outstanding credit provider as well. Due to excellence they have also managed to do business in the UK, USA and China, proving that they can also be known as a global player.

They have got a wide variety of different medical aid policies to choose from, and catering for the whole of South Africa, from your high-income groups’ right down to the less fortunate people of South Africa. With over 19 different policies to choose from, with excellent client services, makes them thus the best option. All of their policies offer excellent benefits for chronic medicines, preventive screenings and for hospitalization. They also provide HIV treatment for all of their clients.

Over the past six years Discovery has build up a big network of hospitals and general practitioners. Almost 80% of all practitioners are in direct contact with Discovery Health, making the payment and correspondence procedures a lot easier and hassle free.

A very exciting product of the company is their Discovery Vitality program. This is a wellness program that offers rewards to their clients if they live a healthy life style. They have come to the conclusion that this will help South Africa to rather prevent major illnesses by living healthy. They do this by rewarding their clients with free medical check ups, gym discounts, cheap flying rates etc. This program has proven to be a very successful and very popular.

We can definitely see that Discovery Health is the choice to make when it comes to medical aid in South Africa. Due to there escalating profit margins, they are also proving to us that their clients are happy and confident with their services, and that they will gladly advise Discovery Health to friends and family.

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