Medical Aid Too Expensive?

Get affordable health cover* that pays you back for doctor visits, medicine and more. Get a free quote now.

  • Get Money Back for Doctor Visits: You can get some cash back when you go to the doctor, helping you cover the cost.
  • Covers Medicine Costs: Whether you need medicine prescribed by your doctor or just something from the pharmacy, you get help paying for it.
  • Pays for Tests: If you need medical tests like blood tests or X-rays, OnePlan helps pay for these too.
  • Hospital Help: If you end up in the hospital because of an accident or sickness, OnePlan will help cover the bills.
  • Extra Safety Net: Offers extra protection by giving you or your family money if an accident causes serious injury or death.


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* This health cover is not a medical aid scheme and should not be considered a substitute for a medical aid plan. It is designed to provide financial assistance for specific health-related expenses and does not encompass the comprehensive benefits and services provided by medical aid schemes."