Afrox Medical Aid is more formally known as the Metropolitan Heath Service and Society. This is one of the advanced medical aid companies that specialize in providing excellent healthcare schemes for the people. World-class features and benefits are thought to be primary reasons why the Afrox Medical Aid is considered as one of the best. The clients and customers of Afrox are always pleased with the services offered by the company.

Typically, one of the first reasons why most people prefer to have the services of the Afrox Medical Aid is the fast and quick claims payment timeframes. Speed is one of the elements that South Africans want to get from their medical aid system. A second reason why Afrox Medical Aid is considered as one of the best is because of the one-stop service centres that come with the highest client service functions. Plus, the online website of the company is touted to be one of the best because of its updated and 24/7 accessibility.

The Base Plan Options and Features

The product base of the Afrox Medical Aid is considered as one of the most diverse and most productive in the market. Ideally, the benefits gained from the product schemes offered by Afrox starts with the Major Medical Expenses, which are stated to be some of the best in the industry. Coverage for the hospitalisation is up to as much as a hundred percent of the private and state accommodations. For non-emergency cases, the need to have the pre-authorisation letter is required prior to admission.

The intensive care programs of the company are also considered to range up to a hundred percent of the overall costs. However, representatives from Afrox Medical Aid will have to get confirmation of such medical aid at least every 72 hours.

The benefits coverage of the Afrox Medical Aid is also quite expansive as it includes the maternity and psychological treatments. For example, the labour rates included for the maternity programme the patient is enrolled in is covered by as much as a hundred percent of the total costs. Other features for the maternity programme include the antenatal scans, neonatal care, and the purchase of antenatal vitamins. Around R70 is given per month during the entire duration of the pregnancy.

Another perk that is part of the Afrox Medical Aid is the Chronic Medication Features. This is the product incentive that allows the patient to obtain and purchase medications meant for chronic conditions. The rules of the program state that physicians and pharmacists would have to contact the direct code of the company or the Swift Online Call Centre with the pre-required ICD-10 codes. An approval will then be sent out that the said purchase is part of the benefit programme for chronic conditions.

Out-of-hospital benefits and aid systems are also part of the programme provided by the Afrox Medical Aid. These are essentially the treatments and medicinal requirements of the patient. Prior to purchasing the stated product list, it is always best to consider researching the limitations and product or treatment inclusion.

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