The Anglo American Medical Aid is one of the more controversial medical aid schemes in South Africa. Vision-wise, the Anglo American Medical Aid aims to give its members this lifelong accessibility and usability of its medical care treatments and provisions. Essentially, this means that its members will be able to gain this high-quality health product that will be competitive and effective in the overall setting. As a financially stable and credible company, members will be assured of the highest standards of medical care.

Popular Product Packages

Three main product lines are offered by the Anglo American Medical Aid to its members to choose from. The first is the Value Care Plan, which is one of the primary choices for medical care and treatment. Essentially, this is a product package that comes with the Prime Cure facilities usage. Several centres have been included in the basic listing offered by the Anglo American Medical Aid in the Prime Cure systems. Obtaining the services of the plan requires the member to use the listed facilities under the Prime Cure systems.

The best feature the Value Care package has offered its members is the HIV and AIDS coverage, which is seen as the care package for members who have been diagnosed with the disease. Increased benefits focused on giving these patients the ability to live a normal life seem to be the major focus of the programme. In addition to this, there is the presence of any preventative medications or treatments that are administered to the patient upon early detection of the condition on the patient. Chronic conditions and consultations are also part of the overall package, which include the medication and the maternity check-ups.

The Standard Care Programme of the company is the second of the most popular packages of the Anglo American Medical Aid. These are medical benefits sufficient to meet the medical needs of cancer patients. In fact, one of the highlights of the product is the cancer treatment coverage. Initially, this care package comes with the oncology management programme that will help in the overall treatment of the disease. Diabetes is another condition that is worked with by the Standard Care Package. Both diabetes I and II are covered, but a prior registration with the Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology is required.

The last product package that is offered by the Anglo American Medical Aid is the Managed Care Program, which is the comprehensive coverage for the hospitalisation and basic healthcare services. Another of the main product package features is the savings plan, which comes with a set of discretionary product benefit that is quite useful for the out-of-hospital needs. A further benefit reaped from the use of the programme is the GAP, which is the automated payout for the Scheme Reimbursement Rate, which is payment for professional services. Additionally, the Scheme is one where 79 percent of the contributions are paid for major medical treatments such as in-hospital services, maternity benefits, blood transfusions and other such treatments and care services.

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