Barloworld Medical Aid is considered as an exclusive product made specifically for the employees under the Barloworld Group of companies. The scheme is typically a part of the Medscheme Groups extensive list of product medical care packages made specifically for the corporate entities it serves. With the use of the services of the company, the members are able to derive this leading care and medical package that is essentially looking out for the interest of its patients. Flexible and comprehensive, the product features of the Barloworld Medical Aid are considered to be a partnership between the corporate entity and its employees.

Understanding the Scheme

By applying for membership to the Barloworld Medical Aid, it means that the employees are well-equipped with the necessities they require in terms of medical aid and support. Most of the groups offering the medical packages require their members to have a basic overview of the terminologies applied to the contract. Essentially, one of the major terms that a member-patient of the Barloworld Medical Aid has to understand is the PMBs or the Prescribed Minimum Benefits. These are typically the levels of coverage the patient can avail of. Regardless of the different options the patient is given, these PMBs should be met by the provider.

Generally, the PMBs that most of the scheme providers have to meet include any emergency situations that will require the use of treatments and facilities that sustain the life of the member. Every provider of any scheme in South Africa is obligated to pay the medical facilities that provide the service that aims to prolong the life of the patient. In some cases, the Scheme provider may require the need of additional evidence that extended treatments are necessary for the patient. In addition to this, there are around 26 chronic diseases that Barloworld Medical Aid has listed to be part of its coverage. This is together with the 270 different conditions they have listed on the terms and the contract.

The Aid for AIDS programme of the Barloworld Medical Aid is considered as one of the best in the industry. The extent and coverage of the plans are essentially some of the best in the market. It comes with the medication treatment of the HIV disease that may lead to the full blown AIDS. The treatments may also include the medication to prevent transmission from mother to child. This is in cases where there is the existence of sexual assault that has caused the presence of the virus in the woman. Opportunistic diseases such as tuberculosis are also treated appropriately with the use of the Barloworld Medical Aid.

Regular and constant monitoring of the disease will also be part of the Aid for AIDs program. Critical elements to the progress of the condition as well as the reactions of the treatments will be recorded appropriately. Ongoing patient care via the use of outside hospital nursing services can also be applied to the Barloworld Medical Aid. Overall, the conditions that Barloworld Medical Aid works with aims to bring the patient to some normalcy in his life.

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