Bestmed Medical Aid

bestmed medical aid

An all-inclusive medical care package is always the best healthcare policy, and with the Bestmed Medical Aid, the services gained are exemplary and the best. South Africa is considered as one of the few nations in the global arena that has quite a lucrative healthcare system. Bestmed Medical Aid continues to be one of the top providers for medical care that ensures the full potential of the industry. The vision of the company is quite simple, and that is to move to be one of the most trusted medical care schemes in the industry.

Ethical and moral basis is the key element to the success of Bestmed Medical Aid, and with the proper management of the patient’s affairs with the policy, they ensure innovative medical packages that serve their members. Bestmed is known for being a company that adheres with the conventional laws and legislation that have been placed to secure the medical aid industry. Supported with the best leaders, and the most productive set of working employees as well as technology, the company stands to be a force in the sector.

The Most Extensive List of Medical Aid Services

It seems that Bestmed is not only known for its sound management and investment portfolios for the patients. It looks like they also provide one of the most expansive set of medical aid care benefits in the market. Currently, the company has around nine different packages that offer varied type of medical aid coverage in the South African industry.

One of the first package sets offered by the company for their members is the Beat 1 package, which includes the hospitalisation benefits of accommodation, surgical procedures, organ transplants, consultations, and even prosthetics. Out-of-hospital benefits range from the after-wound care and alternative options to hospitalisation. These sets of productive out-of-hospital packages also include vaccination and chronic disease coverage.

Further two other Beat products are offered by Bestmed, and these are the Beat 2 and 3 policies. Usually, the coverage of these product lines is the same as that of Beat 1. For the Beat 2, however, the package line of the company includes the most conducive set of vaccinations that are noted to work very well for the entire family. On the other hand, Beat 3 offers a range of maternity benefits such as the antenatal coverage and the sonars. Overall, both packages ensure that any untimely and unpredicted costs of medical care will be immediately treated and taken care of.

Pulse and Pace packages of Bestmed also provide an extensive list of coverage aspects that will ensure the best medical aid possible. From Pace 1 to 4 and, the Pulse 1 and 2 product lines offer different varieties of coverage for the member-patient. Medical savings account, oncology services, diagnostic imaging, emergency evacuation, supplementary services and a host of other features for each product vary accordingly to the plan that is acquired and used. Overall, the products offered by Bestmed ensure the basic hospitalisation benefits as well as the preventive measures for any chronic diseases.