Choosing a medical aid can be a daunting task. There are many options these days, not only the various packages but also the many companies to choose from. Do you choose a company that is the oldest or the newest on the market? These companies also have numerous add-on services which makes it even harder to choose.

BestMed is a company that has been in the industry for 52 years now and is currently ranked 5th in the industry of about 14 companies. Bestmed’s winning formula seems to lie in their policy of offering their client the best service. A company based on a nonprofit attitude. Selling their offerings on their core values is a great way to go. In a dire emergency, you need to know that your medical cover is not going to let you down. Also not having to foot a bill for the shortcomings of your medical aid scheme. There is no need for gap cover with Bestmed.

BestMed Packages

A client has 10 easy to understand packages to choose from. BestMed’s packages are broken down into three parts. Beat policies for the young, Pace packages for the family and Pulse packages based on income and more mature clients.


Beat policies are targeted at the young individual that are starting out. A hospital plan only, being the first option. Then to a slightly better option for policy 2 including general practitioner visits.
A third option based on the needs of a young family. The fourth option coves more specialists to suit the growing family.


The Pace range also offers four packages. These packages are more family orientated. Pace 1 being your basic cover and moving to a more extensive day to day cover for Pace 2. if this still does not meet your needs then perhaps the more comprehensive cover in Pace 3 or 4 is for you.

The two other packages offered by Bestmed are the Pulse range. Pulse 1 is the income-based policy offering you more affordability. Suitable for students just entering the workforce Pulse 2 is the policy for the older generation. This offers unlimited cover for hospitalisation when you need it most.

Bestmed is giving back to the community approach and quest for service excellence keeps them at the front of the line in an industry when reliability is of the essence. Committing to transparency and self-managed administration allows clients to feel safe. Their commitment to best client service and training offered to their staff is admirable. So give Bestmed a try and you will be surprised.

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