Bonitas Medical Aid

bonitas medical aid

Home to 650,000 medical scheme subscribers, Bonitas Medical Fund is South Africa’s second largest open medical scheme. The organisation’s mission is to bring quality health care to as many employed South Africans as possible, particularly the low and middle income workers. Bonitas prides itself in tailoring its products to suit the medical needs of its members and in this connection provides medical cover for both in and out of hospital treatment as well as accidents and other major medical events. This scheme also caters to sufferers of chronic ailments who require medication on an ongoing basis.

In their quest to extend medical services to as many workers right where they are, Bonitas has a network of 4,500 GPs all over the country. And on visiting any one of these Bonitas partners, scheme members or other beneficiaries need not worry about co-payments or unpredictable consultation fees. And in case the GP refers the beneficiary to a specialist, they will still be under the cover and will not have to reach into their pockets again. Even if procedures such as radiology and pathology are required, they are included in the out of hospital package. Using the simple search tool on their website, one can easily locate the GP nearest to where they are.

Something for everyone

Bonitas has a variety of products targeted at workers of different salary scales, ensuring every member gets the highest quality medical service their contributions will allow. There are basically 6 kinds of cover available to Bonitas medical scheme members depending on what they can comfortably contribute: Standard, Primary, BonSave, BonCap, BonEssential and BonComprehensive. While the BonComprehensive option is tailored at higher income groups, BonCap and Primary options are more suited to lower income earners. The Standard package offers employees the benefits we have come to expect from a traditional medical scheme for middle income earners. Members under the Standard scheme contribute a minimum of R1,795. To insure their spouse and child they will have to pay an additional R1,553 and R525 respectively. The Primary cover requires members to part with less; R1,159 for personal cover, a further R907 for their husband or wife and R369 for each of their children.

The benefits, it goes without say, vary according to what a member contributes. The BonComprehensive package, which as we mentioned is the top-of-the-range cover, provides subscribers with healthcare compensation worth up to R10,000 annually per beneficiary specifically for chronic ailments. And it covers up to 53 kinds of conditions. A Standard card holder will be covered for R3,000 less and will receive treatment under this scheme for 42 kinds of ailments. But even beneficiaries of the bare bones Primary option will be treated under Bonitas for 26 kinds of chronic diseases. So everyone in the company, from the top decision makers to the messengers will find a medical insurance package in Bonitas that covers them comprehensively and affordably. The bottom line is anyone who takes up a Bonitas cover will get value for their money. Under a basic Bonitas cover, a member and their family will be covered for up to R500,000 every year. But other Bonitas packages offer beneficiaries unlimited cover regardless of the type of treatment required.