Bonitas has been in the market for 31 years. It has 11 scheme options. In 2016 it boasted 348088 principal members and a total of 753514 beneficiaries. Bonitas believes in the straightforward approach. There are no hidden costs thus eliminating confusion. They are also flexible without compromising on the quality that they offer. The most admirable quality of Bonitas, however, is that they want their members to think of them as a friend.

The 12 packages are Bon comprehensive, Bon classic, Standard, BonComplete, Hospital plus, Standard Select, Bon Save, primary, Bonfit, Hospital Standard, Bo Cap and BonEssential.

Bon Cap

BonCap is a salary-driven option. It offers you affordable premiums based on your salary.

You will receive 100% cover at any of the Boncap network hospitals. Admission to any other hospital will cost you a penalty unless it is an emergency. Your general practitioner and specialist consultation are covered at the specified rate. You are entitled to unlimited consultations to network general practitioners.


BonEssential offers limited hospital cover at selected hospitals. There is no out of hospital cover. Chronic cover is for 27 conditions. It includes some value-added benefits.

Hospital Standard

This offers extensive hospital cover at selected hospitals. There is no out of hospital cover. This plan covers 27 chronic conditions. It includes some value-added benefits and a separate pediatric allocation.

Hospital Standard Plus

The Hospital Standard offers comprehensive hospital care. There is no out of hospital benefits and covers the same 27 chronic conditions.


This is your traditional medical aid and offers hospital and simple day to day benefits.

Standard Select

This is an extension for the primary option with added day to day benefits and hospital cover. Chronic cover increases from the basic 27 with an additional 18 conditions. Specialized dentistry


The standard package covers comprehensive hospital cover and better day to day cover. It includes chronic cover for 35 conditions. Specialized dentistry.


This range of products now includes the Savings plan in addition to basic medical day to day and hospital care.


This is the almost the same as the Bonfit but allows you to use your savings as you require. And provides a more extensive care.


This package offers a more generous amount of savings. It also brings in the above threshold benefit. And a hospital plan that also includes dentistry.


The BonClassic brings in a wider range of hospital and day to day cover.


BonComprehensive is as the name suggests, the comprehensive cover for hospital cover, an above threshold benefit and the best savings plan.

Bonitas offers a program to help athletes get ready for the Comrades Marathon. There are free webinars on their website and they even provide advice on how to recover once the race is over

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