South Africa is renowned to have several medical schemes that are made fit for a specific group of people. The BP Medical Aid is one of the more popular schemes that have been produced and crafted by the Metropolitan Health. As part of the MMI Holdings group, the provider ensures they will retain their title as one of the largest administrators for the medical aid schemes in South Africa. The range of services and product schemes that are part of the overall package of the company are quite the best and the most extensive. At most, the coverage is also one of the best in the market, especially those people who are part of the BP Medical Aid.

Popular Coverage Functionalities

The BP Medical Aid comes with the most extensive list of features. The first of the features that are quite a hit with its members is the HIV Your Life Program. The society that formed the BP Medical Aid ensures that there will be benefits that ease the lifestyle of the members who have been diagnosed with the disease. Absolute confidentiality and the suggestions of proper management of the conditions are usually part of the scheme benefits. The idea that the HIV Your Life Program wants to develop is to give this effective and fast action to management of the conditions and how to treat them appropriately.

The coverage of treatments for the patients ranges from the anti-retroviral medication down to the blood tests and ongoing consultations with the specialists. Another added value the package aims to offer its member-patients is the treatment to prevent the disease to being transmitted from a pregnant woman to her child. Professionals and experience personnel will be kept on hand to ensure that the continuity of the treatments and the normal way of life for the patients are present.

Another of the popular services that are typically part of the programme of the BP Medical Aid is the Eldercare Programme. These are the services meant to give the senior members this facility of utmost care or any medical treatment. Patients or beneficiaries aged 60 and above will be those often benefit from the use of the programme. The aim of this added service is to ensure that members over the age of 60 will still remain healthy and have a normal lifestyle. Plus, the experience personnel that are part of the group are essentially those that will help in the education of the members and their family on how to cope with certain conditions and ailments.

The range of services offered by the BP Medical Aid is quite impressive in every way possible. The Chronic medication coverage comes with the very extensive coverage. Prior authorisation is required for the patient to be able to avail of the medication. Usually, the prerequisite to the availing of the medication benefits include the written prescription of the doctor and receipts, especially for the cash payments. The BP Medical Aid is a sustainable product, and it has so far delivered its promises to the full.

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