Chartered Accoutants Medical Aid Fund is notably more recognized in South Africa as CAMAF, and is considered as one of the schemes that is one of the most popular in the market. The Camaf Medical Aid is one that comes with the value of being an investment rather than a cost. Investing in health is assessed as one of the important basics that have to be understood in the South African market as medical treatments and conditions are one of the most expensive. Tailored to meet the demands and needs of the public, the company aims to deliver only the best products that cater to the preferences and needs of the public.

The People It Covers

The Camaf Medical Aid is appraised as a restricted funding for medical expenses. Hence, not everyone in South Africa can avail of the services that are part of it. While there are certainly schemes open for the public’s use, it seems that Camaf Medical Aid is limited for a group of people only. To be able to gain partnership to the Medical Scheme, there is a basis for which the funds will be founded on.

Typically, membership is only offered for individuals who happen to be part of licensed Professional Bodies such as the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants, the Computer Society of South Africa, New Computers Technology Institute, South African Actuarial Association, Institute of Internal Auditors, and others. Ideally, membership to these groups is an indication of their professionalism. Candidates who have passed the Board Exams must have the related training certificates.

The Standout Advantages that Make Camaf Medical Aid

There are plenty of medical aid schemes being offered in South Africa. Each will go through the necessary process of being able to deliver the perfect treatments and medical services that aims to prevent disability. For the Camaf Medical Aid, it comes with its own set of advantages that make it different from other policies offered by other companies. In short, these become the advantages that make the medical funding a standout.

One of the benefits gained from the use of the Camaf Medical Aid is there is the presence of unlimited access to radiology and pathological testing for out of hospital coverage. All product lines of the company come with the extensive list of benefits. Infertility features are also services that are often covered to be part of the overall package. Usually, this advantage includes the testing and the possible treatment that could increase fertility in a person.

Wellness programmes and a generous external device feature are also part of the overall deal. This means that everyone will have the advantage of being able to purchase the necessary appliances that aids them in their conditions out of the hospital. There are basically six different choices that are offered for the members, and these are referred to as Alliance, Double Plus, Vital, Essential, First Choice, and the Network Choice. A further benefit that comes with the product lines, which is optional, is the Lifestyle Programme, which aims to help achieve a balanced life and healthy living.

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