Medical aid is possibly one of the toughest expenses to handle. With the high costs of medicines and the presence of expensive healthcare centres, it could be something that draws all the funds from a savings account. For Cape Medical Plan, they ensure they are able to provide a service and product that is easy to comprehend and one of the best in the region. Cape Medical Plan came into being way back in 1961, and is now considered as one of South Africa’s pioneers in the comprehensive medical aid network.

The Financial Capability of CMP

For many policy holders for the medical scheme plans and care packages, they always look for the most stable in the market. Liquidity and financial progress are two elements that make the business worth investing on. Cape Medical Plan ensures a package deal that strives to work directly with the patients rather than through brokers. Hence, all funds are allocated directly to the needs of the patients and whether it will be something that benefits them. Plus, solvency and liquidity of the company is stated to be well within the required limits of the law, and this is a proof of their desire to continuously provide the best medical care possible.

The Products Packages of the Cape Medical

Three product lines are offered by Cape Medical Plan for the public. First, the Health Pact Premium is the most affordable in their services. It comes with the unlimited coverage for the hospitalisation of the member-patient. Plus, it also offers this basic coverage of up to 200 percent of the tariff for any specialist processes and treatments. In fact, the best thing about the product is that it also includes maternity confinement benefits of up to 200 percent of the CMP rates for tariff. Further out-of-hospital consultations are also covered for the baby, provided that the mother is listed under CMP’s Mum’s the Word Programmed.

The Health Pact Silver is the second plan being proposed by CMP. This is the package that also includes the basic medical savings account package that will ensure the patient will have day-to-day expenses for their medical care. Expenses for the medical treatment not usually covered in the typical healthcare policy will be deducted from the savings account. The last product line offered by Cape Medical Plan is the Health Pact Select, which comes with the high out-of-hospital package deal that is one of the highest in the South African industry. The best advantage this product offers is that it comes with the productive maternity benefits as well as coverage for chronic conditions.

A mutual society is what Cape Medical Plan proposes to the public. With their vision to defray the expenses of necessary medical care, they aim to provide a scheme that will benefit the overall public. The core business of CMP is simple, and that is to provide medical aid to those people who need it. As much as 98 percent of the total purchases of the company are spent for the welfare and needs of the patients while the rest are simply placed as reserves and investments.

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