Commed Medical Aid

Commed Medical Aid has been operating in the medical field for more than twenty two years; due to its huge member base and industry experience, they are popularly known as one of the most committed medical aids in South Africa.

So far, the company has established three different types of medical schemes known as the Fundamental Option, Standard Option and De Luxe Option. These three medical schemes are offered for local citizens of South Africa, and the plans are meant to meet the various financial abilities of consumers. At the same time, Commed has always been committed in maintaining the best quality of service no matter which medical scheme options have been preferred by members. They known as one of the best financial service providers in South Africa.

Commed is proud to announce to the public that it runs the company with complete transparency. Commed is truly attentive in making sure that the company is fully customer-oriented, which is hopefully able to bring additional benefits to every registered member. As many other medical schemes available in South Africa, Commed is also governed by the Board of Trustees, appointed from the member of the company itself. As the Board of Trustees comes from the member of the public, it is hoped that they are able to drive the company to the best position in terms of providing the most up-to-date medical schemes to everyone.

As one of the leading medical scheme providers in South Africa, Commed is able to manage its business in the most professional way even with small monthly contributions paid by its members. The company has always relied upon its vision, i.e. to provide peace of mind to every member by acquiring affordable medical plans to those in need.

Available Medical Schemes

Being a middle-sized company, Commed is concerned with those who have limited budget but are in need of medical services and medications. This is why the company has come up with the Fundamental Option. This is the basic medical scheme that is quite similar to other conventional medical schemes available on the market. This option is particularly suitable for members who are still in their productive years and are in perfect health condition. The coverage for this plan includes expenses on private hospitals as well as day-to-day medical expenses.

The Standard Option is created to cater to the medical needs of an average income earning family. This medical package is also tuned in to families who are young and healthy. The only difference is that the limit for coverage is higher than the one allowed in the Fundamental Option. The De Luxe Option is the third medical scheme being offered by Commed. This is the most beneficial medical schemes of all, but of course a member needs to pay a higher monthly contribution fee. This medical package is suitable for a family who can afford the contribution as well as in need of highly attentive medical care and continued supplies of medications. There is no annual limit being imposed for the De Luxe medical scheme.