The Community Medical Aid Scheme is more popularly referred to by its members as COMMED. This is the medical aid scheme that was established way back two decades ago. Transparent and customer focused, the organization is considered as providing value to every penny spent by their members for their schemes. With a Board of Trustees that oversees and reviews all the different interest of its members, the groups is just a middle sized group that has certainly opened its doors for the general public.

Innovative and very functional products are offered by the company to its members, and these are those that have options and features that vary accordingly. Established way back in 1989, the Community Medical Aid Scheme is now an open-accessed scheme that anyone in the country can avail of. Formerly, the name of the scheme was referred to as the BOPMED but was later changed in 1995.

The Community Medical Aid Scheme aims to be a leader in the industry, especially when it comes to providing the best and most affordable range of health care services in the market. Mission-wise, the company offers this better peace of mind for its members because of the affordability that it has. Driven, direct, and dynamic are elements usually found with the services of the medical aid company.

Three Major Scheme Products

The Community Medical Aid Scheme offers three different products that members can use for their own medical care systems. The first of which is the Fundamental Option, which is considered as the traditional low cost product that aims to provide medical care according to the PMBs or the prescribed minimum benefits. The product features of the Fundamental Package is typically one of the best as it comes with the in-hospital and out-of-hospital benefits that will help the member get the best health care possible.

A network of providers is designated to provide the necessary care for the patients. Certain sub-limits have been given such as the non-PMB package deal of R 250,000 per person and the overall limit of R 400,000 per family.

The Standard Option is essentially the second package that is offered for the market. This comes with the annual limits as well as the increased in benefit sub-limits for every condition stated therein. Again, this product entails the use of certain listed specialists that members will have to avail the treatments from. A good feature noted in this medical aid scheme is the dental benefits, which are seen as great additions to the already present package. This is essentially the product that is referred to as the Middle-Range costs.

Deluxe Option is the third product offered by the Community Medical Aid Scheme. This is essentially the highest range of medical care systems that comes with the savings account for the out-of-hospital schemes and payments. The presence of a self-payment GAP is also noted with this package. The best thing about the package is that any balance in the savings account for the year that is unused will be forwarded to the next balance of the following year.

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