A comprehensive medical aid plan would be a plan that covers most, if not all, of your medical expenses. There are obvious advantages to this but it is also one of the most expensive medical aid scheme options. However, if you can afford to opt for a comprehensive plan when it comes to your medical aid, then you should definitely consider it. It is generally advised that you buy the most cover that your budget can accommodate.

Comprehensive plans would cover medical expenses associated with chronic conditions, hospital stays, GP visits, prescription medication and specialist visits. The extent of the coverage will differ from one scheme to another. Members with comprehensive medical aid schemes generally are not personally or privately liable for any of their medical expenses. This is why these comprehensive plans are so attractive. However, there would be limitations and exceptions that apply to comprehensive medical aid plans. You should be sure to find out exactly what these are when comparing the different plans available. The exceptions and limitations will differ between medical aid companies.

When doing your research, you should try to find out what other people experienced when choosing comprehensive medical aid plans from different medical aid companies. There are many reviews available online. You can also speak to relative, friends and colleague to find out what type of experiences they have had with medical aid schemes.

Choosing between a comprehensive plan and a more basic plan such a hospital plan is a decision that many people face. The current economic situation has left many people looking for the most value for their money at the lowest expense possible. Due to the fact that hospital plans do not cover as much as the comprehensive plans do, they are a lot more cost effective. However, you should look at other factors as well if you wish to make the best decision possible.

If you or your family visits your GP quite often or require specialist care, then the comprehensive plan may actually work out to be more cost effective than a less comprehensive or basic hospital plan would. This is because you would have to pay the hospital plan’s premium as well as cover the costs of any visits to the doctor. If you find that you and your family will use the day- to- day benefit of the comprehensive plan quite regularly then you should definitely choose this plan over the more basic options. However, if you are quite healthy and will rarely require day- to- day benefits then you may find that the basic plans are offer more than enough cover for you.

While the amount of research involved in trying to find the best medical aid cover for you can be a bit intimidating, it is more than worth the effort. This initial investment of time and effort will help you to choose a comprehensive medical aid scheme that is affordable and suited to your individual needs. This decision can save you a lot of time, energy and money in the future.

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