Have you asked the people around you what medical aid they are on? If they work for a corporate company, 8 out of 10 people will probably say Discovery Health. Why is this?

Discovery Health is said to be in line with the King 111 Code of Corporate Governance. Or could it be that Discovery Health has the highest credit rating of AA+ for 12 consecutive years, the only medical aid in South Africa to have achieved this. They also offer a range of additional benefits to their members as well as a vast range of additional products. However you look at it, Discovery Health is a popular choice.

Discovery Health has over 2.5 million members and 1.3 principal members. They have also branched out into car insurance, life insurance, gap cover and a wellness program called Vitality. You can get your monthly medicine either for collection or for delivery though MedXpress.

Medical Aid plans

Discovery Health has 23 different choices of medical aid plans. These plans are broken down into different categories namely The Executive plan, the Comprehensive series, the Priority series, the saver series, the Core Series, the Smart Series and the Keycare Series. Detailed information can be found on their website on each plan under the Health Plan guide. Plans within a category differ in price and small differences such as network hospital only or any hospital, or some have Medical Savings and some do not.

The Executive Plan

As the name suggests this plan offers the member the most extensive in and out of hospital cover. This plan boasts the highest Medical Savings Allowance. It also includes full access to DrConnect which is access to doctors on the Discovery Application. Additional benefits when you register for prenatal

The Comprehensive Series

This includes a comprehensive cover to any hospital, day to day above threshold benefit cover, extended chronic medicine list, has a medical savings account, global access to health care. The comprehensive Series is broken down into Classic, Classic Delta, Classic ZeroMSA, Essential and Essential Delta.

The Priority Series

This plan consists of comprehensive cover to any hospitals, day to day Above threshold benefit cover and has a Medical Savings Account. The priority series is broken down into two Classic and Essential

The Saver Series

This plan covers economical hospital, essential chronic cover and day to day medical saving fund. This is broken down into Classic, Classic Delta, Essential, Coastal and Essential Delta.

The Core Series

This is an unlimited hospital plan and essential chronic. There is no day to day over on this series. Classic, Classic Delta, Essential, Coastal and Essential Delta

The Smart Series

This series offers in-hospital cover, essential chronic cover, limited day to day, visits to the on network doctor. This is broken down into Classic and Essential cover

The Keycare

This series is Salary dependent. Targeting the lower income population Keycare Plus, Keycare Access and Keycare Core.

If you go through the Discovery Website and examine their offerings you will find that their packages are well thought out and include every possible scenario that could happen. They are also very upfront about their exclusions. Their prenatal care is extensive and generous. They have access to doctors on their app so you can ask questions.

The commitment to a healthier lifestyle for all is at the forefront. The Discovery Health ID allows doctors to access your medical records on their iPad or computer thus giving any treating you access to your medical history and blood test results. MyBreastCancerRisk shows you your estimated risk of developing breast cancer. This is done by asking a series of questions. You have access to Cleveland Clinic to get a second opinion on life-threatening conditions. You get a percentage cash back at Clicks and Dis-chem stores. The best feature is Discovery Home Care. This allows you to be treated in the comfort of your own home. The wellness programme, the various screenings that they cover shows why Discovery Health has excelled.

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