Fedhealth Medical Aid

This is one of the oldest medical schemes in South Africa, having been established in 1936 as Reef Medical scheme. Based on these years of experience, the facilitators of Fedhealth have been able to develop a range of products geared towards the unique medical needs of the different individuals and families who make up the country’s working population.

They have developed a reputation as a firm that understands these needs and comes up with medical plans that suit them perfectly. And they try to achieve this in as cost-effective a way as possible such that members get more bang for their buck. As much as possible, Fedhealth tries to meet all medical costs incurred by the insured, ensuring they don’t have to dip into their pocket again.

Available options for Fedhealth members

For those who’ve just started working and may not have much disposable income, the Blue Door plan provides unlimited hospital cover from private and state hospitals all over the country that are in Fedhealth’s network. Specialised procedures such as MRI and CT scans are also catered for by this scheme. The prescribed minimum benefits (PMBs) are fully covered in government hospitals as is emergency evacuation provided by Europ Assistance. However, this basic cover will not cover oral and cosmetic surgery.

Upgrading to the Maxima Basis plan will see a member benefit from a host of additional features including access to healthcare from providers who are not listed with Fedhealth, a limited amount of day-to-day cover and other goodies such as oral contraceptives and trauma counselling (both paid from risk). With a Maxima Core cover, those suffering from chronic ailments such as HIV/AIDS, cancer and diabetes not only get medical cover, they also qualify for disease management programmes that provide them with additional support and information to enable them to live healthy, productive lives. Sportsmen and women who are engaged in high risk sports will find that this cover takes care of any accidents that happen in the course of their practicing their chosen discipline. Mountaineers, bungee jumpers and other lovers of extreme sports thus find themselves being drawn into taking up Fedhealth Medical Aid.

One of the features those with children will no doubt find attractive is the fact that dependants will be covered until they are 27 years of age. Another benefit which you will not find with many other medical schemes is the package that covers individuals travelling out of the country for up to R10,000,000. Most of the Fedhealth plans will provide cover for the installation of internal prosthesis to a certain limit. Mothers who are Fedhealth beneficiaries have yet another reason to smile as under the Fedhealth Baby Programme, they are offered great discounts and giveaways alongside a wealth of information on pre and post-natal care. Another important Fedhealth feature is the covering of up to 7 days worth of take-home medicines after the beneficiary is discharged from hospital. With these and other juicy offerings, Fedhealth has helped disentangle healthcare from the costly, confusing web it can often be, and turn it into one of the most manageable, affordable items on the family budget.