Medical aid schemes are an essential part of our every day lives, much like insurance medical aid schemes make the difference between a living a comfortable and secure life and one that is fraught with worry and insecurity as far being sure that all of your living costs, insurance costs and medical costs are properly covered. We have all heard the horror stories of people that have been unable to cover their medical bills adequately and have either had to forego vital medical attention or seek medical attention at an inferior clinic or hospital where their treatment was less than it could have been had they had enough medical aid funds to cover all of the costs involved.

The simple fact of the matter is is that no matter how good a medical aid package is there will always be a time when the medical bills or the medical costs received from a medical provider exceed what you medical aid is capable of covering, this is when something like a medical aid gap cover option can kick in rather nicely and cover the difference between the two. A medical aid gap cover works just like it sounds like it should work, a medical aid gap cover is designed to cover the gap between where your medical aid falls short and the last part of the bill or projected medical cost begins.

A medical aid gap cover is also sometimes known as a medical aid top up scheme, this also sometimes depends on the exact type of medical aid gap cover that it happens to be. In this first example we can use a scenario that is very common and one that more people than not experience at some point. In this scenario you may be faced with the situation where your medical aid happens to be paying out quite a bit slower than the medical providers, that is the hospital that have been admitted to or the clinic where you are receiving treatment is charging you. This type of scenario is actually a great deal more common than you may think because medical aid schemes and medical service providers are not necessarily in synch when it comes to payments and bills being issued.

So in this case you could use a medical aid gap cover to bridge the gap as it were between when your medical aid pays the bills and the hospital or clinic charges you, the gap cover takes care of this difference in the interim. The second type of possible scenario is when your medical aid scheme is one that is limited to a certain amount, that much and no further. There are many medical aid schemes that are like this and many people understand this problem, it is especially true for more economical or so called cost effective medical aid schemes. They have limits.

The risk comes in when your hospital stay needs to be taken care of for a few more days but your medical aid cover has run out, hospital stays can be extremely expensive and it is not something that you can afford to pay out of your own pocket, this is where the medical aid gap cover really helps you out because the medical aid gap cover kicks in to cover the excess hospital or medical costs.

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