Genesis Medical Aid

genesis medical aid

Subscribers to this medical scheme are treated with utmost cooperation and respect; they are not just another case, they are a valued customer. And far from just an empty cliché, Genesis proves that it is indeed customer-centric by providing remarkable customer service and paying out claims in a timely way.

Within 24 hours, members can expect their claims to have been processed, done and dusted. Members are also not saddled with exorbitant administration fees, ensuring that as much of their contributions go into their medical needs as possible. To ensure members remain well informed of the status of their accounts, they are provided with monthly statements and they can also access their accounts online from the Genesis website. Additionally, should members so choose, they can get mobile updates in the form of an SMS whenever refunds are disbursed to them.

The beauty with Genesis Medical Aid is that members are not compelled to visit network hospitals. Clients are free to choose the hospital or specialists they feel most comfortable entrusting with their health. This means they don’t have to start looking for specific hospital or clinic whenever they or their family members fall ill or worse still, have to endure long queues waiting to be seen by a specific doctor.

Genesis Medical Aid product range

In recognition of the diverse needs represented by South Africa’s working population, Genesis provides a range of products to suit different income levels and the peculiar needs of different families. Their primary level of cover is the Private Choice which allows members access to quality health care at minimal cost. Opting for this plan enables members to access unlimited in and out-of-hospital care at any private or public hospital in the country subject to the terms and conditions of the scheme. A dental cover of up to R25,000 for each beneficiary yearly is included in this package along with cover for up to 25 chronic conditions. Lastly, Private Choice policy holders can also look forward to emergency evacuations in case of accidents and other such incidents. The Private Plus option throws in limited day-to-day medical cover on top of all the benefits listed above while the top-of-the-range Private Comprehensive provides members with a medical savings account alongside other additional features. These two plans also fully cover physiotherapy, cosmetic surgery and a host of other elective procedures. What is particularly attractive about Genesis medical packages for those with children is how low the contributions are for each child dependant. Members pay only R320 for the first child and a paltry R60 for each additional child. They also give members and their families access to up to 18 days of psychiatric care.

The Private Comprehensive option also provides ample cover for medication prescribed by doctors of those acquired at pharmacists over the counter. For cancer patients, the Private Comprehensive plan is a real blessing as it gives them access to oncologist consultations, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Even those with a spouse who may have suffered a stroke will have the burden of their rehabilitative care lifted from their shoulders. All these unique offerings go to show how deeply Genesis understands its customers and their needs.