Keyhealth Medical Aid

keyhealth medical aid

If healthcare facility and treatment is considered as one of the basis for medical aid, then the Keyhealth Medical Aid would be one of the top five in the entire South Africa. The nation has been one of the most productive in terms of giving medical aid to their citizens. Keyhealth is certainly a medical scheme that is supported by some of the strongest leaders and managers in the industry. Comprehensive products and services is the typical coverage offered by the company, and they currently served for around 95,000 people in the country.

The Product and Service Listings

Keyhealth is considered as one of the most diverse in the market. With a range of different product categories, they ensure that all the markets in the industry will have the desired services with the most affordable payment schemes. Essentially, the key element for the services offered by Keyhealth is to offer the best medical care possible.

The first of the major product lines is referred or called by Keyhealth as Essence. An entry level medical care product, this covers the basic hospitalisation only. Unlimited access to facilities as well as medical care and treatment is proposed with this medical scheme. Limits for the amount of coverage will usually be based on the agreed aforementioned price on the contract of the policy.

Equilibrium is the next product line offered by Keyhealth to their members, and this is basically the same as that of the Essence. However, with this product, the out of hospital services are also covered and refundable from a savings account placed or created by the company for the patient. Furthermore, daily benefits are also gained by the patient from the product, which includes doctor consultations as well as optical services.

Silver is the next product in line, and is considered as the median service of the entire company. The list of in-hospital benefits ranges from the psychiatric treatment, blood transfusion, oncology services, pathology, and a range of medical care units in various state and private hospitals in South Africa. Out-of hospital benefits are also part of the general product features, and this has set limits to dentistry and optical consultations and treatments.

Gold options are also the fourth product type being offered by Keyhealth to the general public. Hospitalisation features offered with this product type is considered as one of the best in the industry. From the wound care down to the basic radiology tests, the patient can get the best services from some of the top hospitals in the country. The best thing about this product is that it has higher annual medical savings account coverage, which is a great way to save up on additional medical expenses.

If comprehensive medical package is the preferred coverage, the Platinum package would be the best solution. This product comes with the services of the best in-hospital and out-hospital medical care and treatment. In fact, it also includes the chronic condition continuity package, and the simplest needs of medical devices such as hearing aids and the use of wheelchairs and such.