Liberty Medical Aid Scheme

liberty medical aid scheme

There are many medical aid schemes in South Africa today all claiming to be the most robust and customer-centric in the market. But if there is a scheme that has been thoroughly thought out and fits the diverse needs of the nation’s workers and their families, it’s Liberty. This institution understands the importance of presenting a variety of medical cover packages from which one can choose.

They are intent on providing customers with value for money while placing quality healthcare within the reach of as many South Africans as possible. One of the key features of Liberty’s services is that they are made as simple as possible for members to understand, enabling them to reap maximum benefits from their covers. As a Liberty medical policy-holder, you can rest assured that Liberty will always act in your best interests as they live by the values of transparency, integrity and professionalism.

The range of offerings Liberty has in store for different kinds of clients is truly astounding. From accident cover to plans for extreme and professional sportsmen and women to HIV/AIDS treatment packages, Liberty has come up with schemes based on the needs and financial ability of today’s South African worker. And even foreigners coming to work in ZA as expats can have their existing cover extended for the duration of their stay in the country. Here is a rundown through some of their offerings:

Bona Plus option

For lower income earners, Liberty has the Bona Plus plan that provides them and their families with access to the CareCross network of healthcare providers. All kinds of out-of-hospital medical attention are covered under this package, as are the costs of hospital admissions. But that is not all; subscribers to the Bona Plus plan have access to dental care, radiology, psychiatric care and medication for up to 27 chronic ailments. With the Gold Select package, other added-value services are provided on top of the basic benefits of the Bona Plus scheme such as the Day-to-Day Extender. This service allows members to get out-of-hospital treatments such as MRI and CAT scans without having to go back into their own pockets. Those who choose to enrol for the Platinum Focus option will have the freedom to choose from a broader range of healthcare providers other than the CareCross network, allowing them to visit the best specialists in the country. This on top of the Day-to-Day Extender mentioned above.

Keeping you posted

Liberty always strives to furnish members with as much information as they need not only regarding their policy, but also on how to best manage their health. For instance under the Disease Risk Management Programme, members are educated on how to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to nip disease in the bud. This information is especially critical to those suffering from chronic ailments such as asthma and diabetes. It helps reduce their chances of succumbing to acute flare-ups as well as their dependency on drugs to a certain extent. In addition to this, information on how to prevent diseases by use of vaccines and other preventative measures is also availed to Liberty policy holders.