The Malcor Medical Aid is brainchild of Rudi Spangenberg and was established with over ten years of experience and background. Collective thoughts and ideas have been gathered in the process to promote a more distinctive approach to the overall practices in the healthcare industry. The Malcor Aid is considered as one that tends to be more competitive in the industry as they offer the best comparisons for the benefits they offer. In fact, the company aims to ensure that their medical aid services will stay at the top in order to retain the usage of the products they offer.

The Product Descriptions

Malcor Medical Aid offers some of the best features for every product they offer. Each will come with an array of benefits that make it standout in the industry. The In-Hospital GAP 500 is one of the first products they offer for the public. A variation of this product is the In-Hospital GAP 500 Senior, which is for members who may have family members that are over the age of 65 and up to 80. The latter package comes with the co-payment facility or a deductible coverage that is limited to R10,000 per person. For both product lines, the claims are paid directly to the member-patient and come with the coverage benefit of up to 500 percent of the Medical Tariff Scheme.

The In-Hospital GAP 500 Booster is the third product that Malcor Medical offers the public. This is the product that is best suited for those accounts that come with the benefit coverage shortfall for specialists during admission. Around R15000 can be the limit to the coverage of the shortfall, and comes with the pre-existing exclusion clause of 12 months coverage. The GAP 200 is another of the products offered and requires an entry age of 65 years to be qualified for such. Benefits for the Scheme can reach as high as 200 percent of the Medical Tariff Scheme being offered in the market.

Another of the products that are found on the Malcor Medical Aid listing is the Hospital Excess Package or Cover Benefit. This is the plan that allows the patient-member to increase his annual hospitalisation benefits. Specific payments are also required for a member to be able to increase their benefit lines in the market. For example, the member can pay R115 for an extended hospitalisation benefit of up to R100,000 excess and so on and so forth. It is noted that the deal is only applicable when the current plan or limited benefit of the member has been exhausted.

The Sub-Limitation package for Cancer is another of the extended service deliveries offered by the Malcor Group. This is coverage inclusion that ensures there will be the right benefits for patients that have been diagnosed with cancer. Usually, the package ensures the patient will have access to biological drugs, radiotherapy or any treatments that have been deemed necessary for the welfare of the patient. Other extended product lines offered by Malcor include Essential Procedures and Enhances. For the most comprehensive deals, the company offers the Stratum Elite and the Stratum Comprehensive, which often removes the need to have the extended benefits.

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