Medihelp Medical Aid

medihelp medical aid

The healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing in the market. High and rapid increases of medical care and health facilities as well as pharmaceutical drugs are reasons why the perfect medical scheme is needed. Medihelp Medical Aid is a South Africa based medical aid system that has been in the market for more than a century. While it began as a restricted medical scheme, it is now considered as one of the widest and most open medical coverage plans in the country.

Why Should You Choose Medihelp?

Competition for the healthcare provider market in South Africa is one of the most aggressive with plenty of players cropping up on every corner. For the Medihelp schemes, the variety of products and services they offer gets a range of benefits designed to be perfect for the individual and the entire family. Furthermore, reliability is certainly a reason why the scheme offered by the company is one of the best. As the third largest in the entire country, it is assumed that it will take responsibility for the welfare of over 236,000 patients that have availed of their services.

Healthcare facilitators are often considered as having quite a weak claims payment procedure. For Medihelp, they offer their clients the philosophy of fast and quick processing. In fact, their over two hundred thousand claims processed every month has given them the recognition of being renowned by the Global Credit Rating Co. In addition to this core claims processing advantage, the financial stability of the company is one of the best. Solvency records showed they have around a 31.48 percent advantage, which is considerably higher than the expected 25 percent that other top players in the market have.

Happy employees and the community development or involvement are further reasons for the use of the Medihelp facilities. Deloitte has ranked the company as seventh in terms of the Best Companies to Work For. Corporate social responsibility seems to be also a focus of the company. Sustainable projects for the community have been reviewed and developed by the company to ensure their presence is felt in the area. The Beds of Hope is currently one of their most recognized projects, and is offered in the Universitas Hospital.

The Needs of the Patients – Meeting their Needs

Notably, the market requirements of Medihelp are provisions they ensure to offer for their customers and clients. Customer Care happens to take the top spot in the needs of the patients. With over 81 consultants, they ensure they will accommodate all the calls from members, healthcare centres, and agents to ensure the smooth flow of transaction and care. Personal care also happens to be a part of this service and with offices at Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, and Durban, it seems efficient and effective care is attended to.

Communications and peace of mind are further services ensured by Medihelp. On communications, the company ensures the most advanced systems such as emails, personalised letters, and mobile information dissemination is probably adhered and worked with. Peace of mind, on the other hand, seems to be taking a huge part in their services as they are able to ensure a fraud-free company that serves the interest of the patients’ first rather than personal needs.