Medihelp offers medical aid plans for different life stages and different budgets. They have 200 000 members in just 20 years. All plans cover major medical services, screening tests and day-to-day doctor visits.

Medihelp has a Healthprint Programme available to all members at no extra cost. This qualifies them for discounts on products and services in both healthcare and retail stores. Expectant mothers can enroll for the Mum and Me programme. There is an online list of vaccines that baby will require. Active people can join the Multisport club. There are discounts at approved gyms and sports tournaments. It is currently only in the Gauteng North region. Membership includes a free starter pack and free entry to Medihelp sponsored events. There is a discount on all cycling and gear.

Necesse Student

This cover is for full-time tertiary students. It offers a national network of quality private hospitals and healthcare providers. It also covers out of hospital expenses and free access to the wellness programme is included. Necesse offers hospital cover and emergency cover. Your doctor visits and specialist care is limited to a certain number of visits for a year. Even your x-ray and blood tests, as well as prescribed medicine, is covered. Dentistry and optical needs are also included. You will get routine dental check-ups and 4 filings per year. You have access to preventive care benefits such as health tests, immunization and back treatments as long as they are provided for by the Necesse network General practitioner.

Dimension Prime 1

This is for healthy individuals that need a hospital cover only. There are 108 hospitals to choose from. You can choose from the network listed hospitals or, for a slightly higher premium, any hospital of your choice. It has an allocated amount for general practitioner and specialist visits, physiotherapy and contraceptives. There is no pathology, radiology, dentistry or optical cover.

Dimension Prime 2

This also offers private network hospital benefits. Added on is the 15% medical savings account. Consults and day-to-day expenses are paid from the savings account.

Dimension Prime 3

This is a comprehensive hospital and day-to-day plan. It includes optical and dental care. Here you have the freedom to choose any health care provider. You can choose the network hospitals for a lower premium.

Dimension Elite

This cover provides extensive healthcare for you in-hospital and out of hospital needs.

Medihelp Plus

This is the premium option for clients who want ample medical benefits. It is the comprehensive option and covers chronic medicine benefits. This option covers hospitalization at any private hospital. There is a good day-to-day plan.

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