MedShield has been in operation since 1968 and their current membership is 191 000. They have received an AA-Global credit rate for 11 consecutive years. They have won numerous consumer awards and accolades for their speedy and accurate claims process.

MedShield has a Wellness Day event which focuses on preventative health care. Members can go in and have basic medical preventive tests, nutritional counseling and immunisations. They have recently introduced MedShield More which covers accidental death cover, funeral protection, home and roadside assistance, legal and teacher assistance. Discounts on worldwide accommodation, gym memberships, gym equipment and home health care supplies are included.MedShield has 7 different packages. They offer a great onsite comparison tool that helps you personalize your plan.

Premium Plus

This is the ideal package for families and corporate individuals. This is an In-hospital plan with a medical saving account.


MediCore is ideal for young individuals. It offers unlimited In-hospital cover. There is no day-to-day cover so those expenses will have to be covered out of pocket.


MediSaver is suitable for your more independent individuals that are thinking of starting a family. It offers unlimited in-hospital cover at the specified hospital network. This cover has a savings account. The added benefit here is the out-of-hospital maternity package.


MediBonus was designed for individuals who need comprehensive cover. This cover has unlimited in-hospital cover at the specified hospital network. The out-of-hospital cover has family practitioner, optical and dental benefits. There is a day-to-day limit for specialists visits.


This is for the 18 to 24-year-old first-time buyers. They are young and healthy and only really require an unlimited hospital and a limited out of hospital cover.


MediPlus is designed for the middle to upper income needs offering unlimited-in-hospital cover. general practitioner, optical, dental, specialists, radiology and pathology are covered as well with certain conditions.

MediPhila – MediPhila offers unlimited hospital cover for PMB (prescribed minimum benefits) conditions, generous per beneficiary limits for non-PMB In hospital treatments and with specified benefit limits for out of hospital services. Basically, this means that you will have cover for certain ailments and treatment options provided you follow the criteria

MedShield covers 26 Chronic diseases. They offer delivery provided that its ordered via the schemes Designated Service Provider

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