Medshield Medical Aid

medshield medical aid

If historical significance is considered as something of importance to the selection of the best health services provider, then the Medshield Medical Aid is one of the longest in the South African industry. In operations since way back in 1968, the company has a rich history of being able to provide products according to the needs of their members. Over a hundred thousand members have already applied to the scheme offered by the Medshield Medical Aid, and the number continues to grow as they ensure the best medical aid services possible.

Why Choose Medshield Medical Aid?

As an established health care aid provider, Medshield Medical Aid assures that all their products are geared for the betterment of their members. At most, they ensure there will be the presence of facilities and treatments that are for everyone. Perhaps the biggest reason in choosing Medshield Medical Aid, besides their exposure to the industry, is they provide superior products at very affordable options. Each product line offered to the general public gives benefits to the member that are quite extensive, and the company intends to improve the features to ensure high quality.

A second reason for the Medshield Medical Aid is they ensure this timely and quick claims processing for everyone. Medshield has been rated by the Global Credit as having high AA- ratings for their ability to pay off the claims from medical facilities. In fact, they adhere to the solvency ratio of the South African government, which is an assurance of their capacity to pay off the health services being used by their members. In fact, from the one-day turnaround of claims down to the best and most excellent customer service, it seems that Medshield Medical Aid is there to help the people.

Diverse Products for the Members

The first product line offered by Medshield Medical Aid for their members is the Premium Plus for New Generation. This is considered as one that offers in-hospital benefits such as the accommodation and medicines package. A prior letter of authorisation for admission is needed before the member-patient can be admitted to any health care facility. Surgical procedures are also included in the package deal of the New Generation, and this is again subject to a pre-authorisation sanction. Certain limitations to the benefits are present, and it would be wise to review the full content of the included services.

The Essential and Standard package are also two of the products offered by the Medshield Medical Aid Company. For both of these products, there is the presence of the Personal Savings Account that comes with a monthly interest rate. This account is considered as one of their added features to the overall product package and deal. Usually, this savings account acts as the out-of-hospital benefits of the patients. This allows them to use the funds set inside to purchase medicines or to hire the aid of additional medical support at home. Other product lines offered by Medshield Medical Aid range from the Core Plus down to the 80 percent package plan. Each product set has an offering of certain features and benefits.