Metropolitan Medical Aid is a company sheltering under the JSE listed MMI Holdings. Up until now, the company has become one of the most popular administrators in South Africa when it comes to issues pertaining to medical aid schemes. Currently, the company is actively managing approximately 1.2 million members, and the coverage is spread to over three million lives. All of these people are either using direct service from Metropolitan, or they use other medical scheme providers which are networking with the company.

Metropolitan is a very dependable company as it runs with a low cost yet it has never failed to come up with excellent track record. Its ability in managing its limited funds has awed a lot of people and this is one of the reasons why Metropolitan has managed to maintain a huge number of loyal members throughout the entire time it has been operating in business. Members are impressed with the company’s flexible systems as well as its remarkable achievement in maintaining excellent ability in data recording and analysis. As a matter of fact, Metropolitan manages its own administrative duties, not forgetting the management of registrants, the process of claiming for funds and its over the top excellence in the area of customer service and dispute management.

Apart from that, Metropolitan is also known as being fully committed towards maintaining an effective marketing method and communication with its line of networks. It gets access to a huge variety of healthcare programs and allows members to benefit from its online presence via its website and e-tools.

Benefits to Clients

Metropolitan eases up the process of applying for medical aid schemes by allowing members to take advantage of its online tools to do a number of direct transactions. For instance, claims can be filed via online and this truly saves a lot of effort, time and money both on the clients’ side as well as the company’s.

Clients are able to get updated information regarding claims and other medical updates via Metropolitan’s website. It has been observed that due to advancement in technology and that most people tend to be too occupied with work; the demand for real-time medical advice via online has increased rapidly over the past few years. This is what Metropolitan is trying to provide to its members, i.e. a reliable service that can be obtained within the click of a mouse, a simple phone call or a few mobile texting attempts.

Metropolitan has been increasing its efficiency level by working with Moodley to take care of customer records in the most effective manner. Today, customer medical records can be obtained from a few different sources, by which this service promotes better integration between the company and customers. Medical records are kept together with any medical history of clients, thus any vital issues can be identified immediately and can be taken action for. When medical history of clients is available within easy reach cases of allergies, chronic illnesses or life-threatening diseases can be kept in view and thus better solutions can be obtained successfully.

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