If you need quality medical assistance and care, and you are employed within the motor industry then the Motor Industry Medical Aid Fund (MIMED) is considered as a member’s best choice. MIMED is a closed scheme and offers comprehensive benefits for their members and their dependents.

Mimed is considered as a very comprehensive medical aid schemes in South Africa. The scheme has a variety of options to offer and this is perfect for most people. They ensure that members get some of the best benefits available, and quality health care at all times. They offer payments that are affordable and very competitive when compared to other schemes.

Medimed scheme offers their members an unlimited hospital benefit, and this is also subject to approval by the fund. Members will have in-hospital cover for items such as dentistry, but there are certain limitations like the benefit of R10 000 per annum, per family. This limit will include doctor consultations and any procedures that need to be completed. The benefits pertaining to out of hospital or day to day benefits include consultations with their general practitioner, or specialist at certain hospitals. This includes pathology, as well as radiology consultations and procedures.

Medimed Medical Aid specialises in high quality medical care and works with members across South Africa. A private executive medical refers to a full health check that is designed to pick up any early signs of health issues and diseases, and help to prevent heart attacks, strokes and cancer. These medicals are usually scheduled for morning sessions, as well when the stomach is empty. There might be many reasons why you need a full medical, and this means that you can get this from Medimed Medical that is conveniently located in Johannesburg, in Gauteng.

Blood tests are also conducted by Medimed, and this includes a full blood count, kidney function, liver function, fasting lipid profiles, and thyroid function checks. Additional tests such as STD screens, hepatitis screens, toxicology and HIV can be done here as well.

Medimed Medical Aid also has custom options available, which can cover a family in full per year. This is a great benefit to have, especially if you have a young family to look after. Contributions are based on your monthly income and a customised plan can be worked out for you and your family. Monthly contributions will depend on the plan that you have chosen for you and your family.

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