Momentum Medical Aid

momentum medical aid

Momentum Medical Aid is but one of several packages offered by insurance firm Momentum to South African individuals looking to secure their futures in terms of finances and physical wellbeing. This firm’s ultimate goal is to free ambitious professionals to pursue their life goals without having to worry about medical bills or how their finances will look like in the long term after they retire.

The thing that sets Momentum Medical Aid apart from other medical schemes in South Africa is the degree of flexibility it offers workers. It does this by providing an array of options to suit different needs at of people at different stages in life. This to assure members of quality affordable healthcare in the face of rising medical costs. Another unique feature of Momentum’s medical scheme is that is lays strong emphasis on preventative measures to avert future health complications, thus enabling members to save in the long term. Through its Multiply wellness programme, members are equipped with plenty of information on how to adopt and sustain a health-conscious lifestyle. They are also provided with practical tools and incentives to embrace healthy living.

When it comes to providing value for money in health covers, few companies can match Momentum. Small wonder it has won over about 180,000 South Africans and is ranked 5th open medical aid provider in the market. Let’s take for instance the Health Waiver plan. It keeps the member and other beneficiaries covered even when they are impaired physically and are thus unable to continue making contributions. For a small additional contribution, the beneficiaries will continue to enjoy the medical scheme benefits for either 5 or 10 years after the principal has ceased making contributions. Or how about the Health Funder option that allows you to make provision for your post-retirement medical needs? In the Health Platform benefit, Momentum Medical Aid members are entitled to a variety of free screening tests every year.

Momentum Health offers 9 flavours of medical cover to the public, each tailored to suit different needs and financial capacities. The Momentum Custom option provides unlimited in and out-of-hospital cover at designated hospitals as well as oncology treatment up to R265,000, rehabilitative treatment of up to R33,500 and medical and surgical appliances costing no more than R4,250. In the Momentum Incentive plan, a beneficiary will be entitled to a bit more, for instance, the limit for oncology will be R100,000 more. Treatment for chronic conditions is also provided for by Momentum Medical Aid. With the standard Momentum Custom, this is limited to 27 kinds of chronic ailments but those under the Momentum Incentive option will be covered for 6 more kinds of conditions.

Through the Ingwe Health scheme, Momentum has managed to put quality health care within the reach of college and university students. This health plan is a godsend for foreign students studying in South Africa as medical cover is mandatory before they can be granted a study permit. Under Ingwe, students can fully focus on their studies without having to worry about what will happen when they fall sick or are involved in an accident and are required to consult a doctor, be evacuated by an ambulance or be admitted to hospital.