Many people find the idea of belonging to more than one medical aid scheme quite attractive. Of course, this could seem to make perfect sense because if you run out of funds on one medical aid scheme, the second scheme could cover the shortfall. If you can afford it then belonging to two medical aids may seem like the perfect solution. However, belonging to more than one medical aid is considered to be a form of fraud and, by law, is not allowed.

The law of the country dictates that you need to tell your medical aid if you are already a member of another medical aid. The consequences could be quite severe if you neglect to do this. Of course, there are instances where you could unintentionally end up in a situation where you belong to more than one medical aid scheme. An example of this could be if you are listed as a dependent on your husband’s medical aid scheme, then change jobs to one where your new employer has a different preferred scheme and simply forget to have yourself removed from your husband’s medical aid scheme.

If such a situation arises then you should take action immediately. Do not procrastinate as this could end up making the situation much worse than it needs to be. Take action as soon as you become aware of the fact that you belong to more than one medical aid and that it is in fact, unlawful. You should obtain membership certificates from both medical aid companies and then contact them to advise them of the situation. A sincere and honest approach is always best. You would then need to decide which medical aid scheme you will be keeping active and which one you will be canceling. Follow the necessary channels with each medical aid company.

If you fail to do this then you should be prepared to face the consequences of that decision. A possible consequence may be the cancelation or suspension of your membership to both of your medical aid schemes. This is due to the fact that you were dishonest when it came to disclosing this information. Another possibility would be that your information would be added to a fraud database that is accessed by all medical aid companies. This could make it very difficult, if not impossible, for you to find medical aid cover once again. It is important to note that belonging to more than one medical aid is illegal and viewed as a serious crime. You could be convicted of fraud and sentenced to spend up to five years in jail, issued a hefty fine or be liable for both jail time and a fine.

It really is clear to see why you should correct the mistake of belonging to more than one medical aid scheme sooner rather than later. You could end up paying for this mistake and your negligence with your money, your time and your freedom.

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