South Africa is typically one of the most productive countries in the world. With the height of its economic progress means the development of the best medical aid services. Naspers Medical Aid is one of such treatment and medical care packages being offered. It comes with the most diverse features that make it stand out in the market. Varied product packages of the company are considered to be quite useful in every sense of the word, especially when it comes to the functional features it is able to give.

However, the product offered by the Naspers Medical Aid are often only for the employees of Media24 and their affiliates as well the as the family members of the group. The company is noted to have delivered this strong influence of compulsory membership for the employees. Certain restrictions have been applied when it comes to continuous membership.

Membership Limitations

Among the first conditions for continuous membership to the Medical Scheme is when the employee-member lost his job because of an illness or any permanent disability. This means that employees who have suffered from certain health conditions that prevent them from performing normal jobs can have the privilege of such benefits even after they lost their work. Another possible reason for the continued membership to the basic plan is because the member was retrenched because of the department or the division he or she belongs to. Retirement is easily the third reason why the use of the scheme is still the best in the market. A good thing about the membership of the programme is that even the deceased dependents of the members can still be a part of the overall care and medical package offered by Naspers Medical Aid.

The Basic Health Plans Offered by Naspers

Two basic care packages are being offered by the Naspers Medical Aid to the public, and these are the N Option Plus and the N Option Basic. Each of the packages for medical care and treatment comes with its own set of features. Nevertheless, for both of the product packages, the most prominent feature why it has become quite a huge hit in the market is because of the Chronic Illness coverage. The list of diseases that are part of the care and treatments of the Naspers Medical Aid are quite extensive as it includes the Chronic Kidney diseases, Asthma, Parkinson’s disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and so many others.

Essentially, members who are immediately listed as part of the overall options can have the best care and treatments possible. Of course, certain conditions and limitations have been set to ensure the full blast and potential of the overall medical care. For 2012 alone, the range of benefits of the products include the hospitalisation benefits that are increased to as high as R2,000,000 per family for the N Option Plus while the N Option Basic comes with the limits of R1,000,000. Naspers Medical Aid aims to deliver the best services, and it seems that with their product benefits, the employees of Media24 are well protected.


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