There are various reasons why patients prefer to choose Nedgroup Medical Aid to seek for medical services. One of the reasons is due to the fact that emergency health cases can never be predicted but the cost of treatment can, often times, get so expensive. By being a member of Nedgroup, issues pertaining to medical costs can be put aside as everyone in the family is able to receive adequate amount of medical services at a time by opting for a variety of medical plans offered by the company.

As a member of Nedgroup, a patient is exposed to the different types of services eligible to be applied for. Following a registration, a member will be given a membership card so that future identification can be performed easily and accurately, thus delaying any admission to emergency medical cases, if any. Monthly deductions will be made accordingly, and every transaction is recorded under the member’s personal account. Nedgroup covers a huge area of medical service, including dentistry, maternity and optical needs. Even when the sub-limits for these three areas have expired, claims can still be made through the Routine Medical Benefit section.

Plans and Service Packages

Nedgroup is proud with its huge variety of plans and service packages. Under the Routine Medical Benefit, there are certain privileges given to patients and these may include visits to medical practitioners, homeopathy experts and specialist doctors. Medicines to treat acute diseases and illnesses are also covered as well as recommended pharmaceutical therapies. Compound analgesics are also given to patients up to 100 pills annually. If the need for medication arises more than the allowed amount, patients are advised to contact the department in charge and from there professional advice and suggestions will be provided as to whether medications should be taken. Vitamins and supplements are also provided to pregnant women.

Under the Supplementary Health Service Package, other treatment options are also covered. These may include acupuncture, anthroposophy, kinesiology, ayurvedic and many other medical options that are not entirely based on medications and surgeries.

The Traditional Plus Package is a special service provided by Nedgroup but under the management of ONECARE. This is one of the most cost-effective medical scheme packages as it allows patients to enjoy the least amount of medical cost, yet the limits can be extended prior to expiration. In simpler words, access to medical health service will continue to be offered to patients whom their sub-limits have reached its end. The only requirement is that a member of Nedgroup should also register under ONECARE before he is eligible to enjoy the expansion of medical services prior to its expiration.

Registering with Nedgroup enables a patient to enjoy peace of mind as they don’t have to worry about how they could get access to medical services. This is especially highlighted when patients get their accounts listed under ONECARE, as the unit is comprised of 24/7 access to general practitioners’ consultations and medicines. Sheltering under Nedgroup for the purpose of seeking the best medical services gives patients nothing to lose but everything to gain.

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