OCSACare is a medical aid that is the result of the joining of two companies, OCSA and Care Cross. This scheme is an affordable solution that has been designed for members in the South African working sector and it is open to employees from all companies. This is perfect for employees that were previously not able to be approved with other medical aids and their benefits are great.

OCSACare provides quality healthcare to their members and this includes day to day benefits and out of hospital benefits such as doctor visits, over the counter medicine, and small procedures. Members can make use of network providers, which consist of doctors, specialists and physicians form the OCSA group, and they will also benefit from radiologists, pathology procedures, dentists and dental benefits, and even optometry benefits and consultations with optometrists. OCSA believes that with proper health care, their members will be healthier and this will lead to a lower rate of absenteeism in the workplace.

This fund has two great plans to offer their members, and this include the Silver and Gold plans. The Gold plan is not available to individual members, as it can only be offered to employers with employee groups of more than 10 people. The solution needs to be the only one taken up by the employer, so if they choose to make use of the Gold plan, they cannot use any other plan in conjunction with Gold. The Silver plan has the benefit of offering unlimited consultations to GP’s and the ability to visit private network providers from the CareCross network. This includes physicians all over South Africa, which allows members to have a wide variety and access when they need it most. Other benefits also include chronic medication, dentistry benefits, pathology, radiology, and eye tests.

The Gold plan from OCSA includes benefits such as referrals from doctors and physicians, as well as blood tests and HIV benefits. Members will have counselling prior to their tests, as well as the proper treatment and the medication they need. There are also optometry benefits on this plan, which include eye tests from specialists, lenses, and standard frames. The dentistry benefits include fillings, extractions, and other benefits such as medication, infection management, and polishing.

OCSA is proud of their lasting partnerships and their relationships with their members, and they provide an in-depth knowledge of the medical aid environment in South Africa. They offer some of the most cost effective benefits to their members, as well as healthcare solutions that are adaptable, innovative and effective. They also provide members with quality healthcare advice so that they can make informed decisions regarding their healthcare, and those of their family.

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