South Africa is probably one of the few countries in the Global market that can offer one of the most diverse health care systems in the world. One Plan Medical Aid is a medical aid programme or scheme that is a product of One Card Management. Quality health care is the very goal that this medical aid company wants to provide the market, and it seems to be working quite well in the industry. Solutions proposed by One Plan are considered to be the most innovative and useful in the industry, and it seems they are continuously growing in the market.

Making Life Easier for Everyone

Medical aid is perhaps the biggest concern that most people have. With the high cost of medical facilities as well the presence of highly expensive treatments, it seems that everyone needs to have the right set of medical care programmes that will ensure their continued way of life. The best thing about the schemes offered by One Plan is they ensure the entire family is covered with the same benefits as that of the primary member. With the growth of the industry, and the market that it serves, One Plan Health Group ensures the full presence of information for all their members.

Planning Ahead

The major objective of One Plan Medical Aid is to make sure there are products fit for every person who wants to avail of it. Hence, they offer such a wide and diverse set of different products meant to give everyone a choice. One of their main products in the market is the One Hour Plan, which is quite affordable on the pocket of the member as they can pay as low as R100 for an adult. The bigger the family that is covered in the package, the higher the amount of premiums that have to be paid monthly.

The One Hour Package of the company comes with the accident coverage, which is seen as a great added insurance to the hospitalisation policies. However, the drawback of this product is that it only covers emergency cases for the hospitalisation. Day-to-Day benefits are not offered for the member and his beneficiaries.

A second product line that is considered as a good deal to have is the Executive Package. Medical practitioner visits are considered covered with the policy as well as a host of other features and benefits. Complete benefits listings are found on their website, and it is highly suggested to set a meeting with a services representative to ensure the full details of the contract are explained.

The One Card System

Perhaps the most noted benefit the entire structure of the One Plan Medical Aid offers is that they reverse the claims process. Prior to seeing or visiting the service provider for the medical claim, the member is given the claim amounts through a telephonic service. Members are guided through the phone call services to encode their claims processing, and the amount will be immediately sent to the One Card feature. Hence, members are then given the opportunity to pay for their service providers instantly rather than waiting for the reimbursements.

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