Health care services have always been declared as something that is essential to the normal life of a person. South Africa has always been considered as a nation that has struggled for years in trying to create a usable healthcare system. Notably, by introducing the presence of private health care services schemes, they want to ensure the general public has the choice of affordable medical services. Pharos Medical Aid is one of the private companies offering South Africans the opportunity to have the best medical aid possible.

The Advantage of Pharos Medical

Perhaps the most noted advantage the Pharos Medical Aid has offered the public is that it comes with the best product lists that are competitive in the industry yet are still affordable and easy on the pocket. Another advantage the company has over other players in the industry is the fact it offers a huge reimbursement package deal. Around a hundred to as much as three hundred percent of the overall package is easily returned to the member.

For the income-deprived members, the Pharos Group offers a medical plan that is one of the best. Typically, a 50 percent discount or reduced package is offered if the member earns around R7500 or less. This is especially great for those people who often get into situations where they are unable to pay for the premiums after the initial contract. Plus, family members who have children or beneficiaries below 21 years of age are also given great discounts.

The idea of the medical plan presented for use by the Pharos Medical Aid is to ensure that everyone gets to have great savings from their medical plans. Consequently, the offers of Pharos will bring upont advocacy for better health services that give higher value for their money and savings.

The Medical Aid Plans

It comes to most people that variety to the medical plans is the best solution to their preferred choices. Comprehensive plans are probably the most popular offered by Pharos Medical, and one of their product offers is referred to as the Footprint Comprehensive Medical Plan. Among the features of the product is the unlimited coverage based on the Policy Contract agreements.

Other features include the organ and cornea transplant, the maternity included benefits, psychiatric care, pace maker, arrhythmia, day care processes, and others. The big advantage of this product line is that it offers income based premiums, which is great for those who earn minimal income yet are in dire need of the medical aid services. In fact, for the principal member or payer to the medical aid plan, they can pay monthly premiums of as low as R708 per month for adults and R216 for children.

Other plans included in the Comprehensive Package line are the Paladin Comprehensive and the Rainbow Comprehensive. Both packages boast of unlimited hospitalisation benefits at any accredited hospital and certain limits to the day-to-day medical aid services. Medical Aid plans of the company also include the hospital plans and the co-payment package deals.

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