Platinum Health Medical Aid is the number one choice of consumers in South Africa as it provides everyone with lots of generous benefits and medical service options. For instance, once a person registers into the company’s program, he will get access to unlimited GP visits. At the same time, a patient is not denied of his rights to seek medical attention and care from specialist doctors, pathologists and radiologists. Everyone is eligible for in-hospital facilities and services including maternity and prostheses issues.

Why Platinum

Platinum Health Care has been very generous in its supply of medications especially when it comes to treating acute diseases and illnesses. In short, there is no limitation being imposed on the doses of medications if it is for the purpose of treating acute ailments. For chronic illnesses, the company still takes care of the wellbeing of its members as it is able to supply up to eighty different medications to treat chronic medical conditions. This scenario proves that Platinum is the leading medical scheme provider when compared to others in South Africa. As a matter of fact, most companies in South Africa only cover approximately 25 types of prescribed medications to their members with chronic conditions.

Basically Platinum acts as a one stop solution to its members. Medical attention can be sought after in the most relaxing and flexible manner as Platinum handles most of its internal management duties on its own. Even basic members are able to enjoy fast services as the company does the authorization duties, books placements in hospitals, manages transportation issues and takes care of its members’ accounts. As a matter of fact, it is pretty difficult to find a medical scheme provider that gets everything done under the same roof.

Platinum makes sure that members receive proper treatments when they enter any hospitals registered under its scheme. In short, it always displays world class quality in terms of following the right treatment protocols.

Benefits to Members

Boards of Trustees are appointed from registered members, and this shows that members have the right to make decisions for Platinum. It is also well-known as the biggest healthcare program provider in the world. Unlike other medical scheme providers in South Africa, Platinum has been very generous to its members as it doesn’t require a ridiculous increase in members’ contribution. Basic members do enjoy a lot of privileges, and one of them is the exception of paper claims and this means claims can be obtained without much hassle.

Platinum remains being one of the cheapest medical scheme providers as it only necessitates monthly contributions amounting to an average of 60% from the regular market price. At the same time, all medical facilities are placed at easy to reach locations. When members have difficulties to arrive at the appointed hospital, Platinum takes care of the transportation needs as well.

Members of Platinum are always ensured of the quality being displayed by the company. Platinum pays great attention to upgrade their quality of service by providing continued education to their line of professional staffs.

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