The Polmed Medical Aid scheme is offered for those men and women who served and are part of the South African Police. This benefited scheme is also formed to ensure that the beneficiaries and family members of the SAPS or the South African Police Services are covered under the policy. It is highly driven Scheme that has the objective of serving the needs of the people that protect the country. Members for the Polmed Medical Aid Scheme are only those that fall under the SAPS as well the dependents.

The Objectives and Goal of the Funds

It is highly noted that the Polmed Medical Aid is one that aims to grant assistance to the members in order to help defray or decrease the expenses incurred by the patient or the member. Healthcare has become an integral part of the monthly expenses, and it is the idea of the Scheme to have the right savings to aid in their members. A second objective of the Medical Aid package is to make sure that all the necessary treatments are done to prevent disability.

As long as the treatments are within the confines of the policies of the scheme, it must be done as quickly as possible to ensure that essential and normal body functions and movements are retained. Lastly, the objective of the Scheme is to render service to the beneficiaries based again on the agreements stated on the policy. Several providers have been selected by Polmed to ensure the best services and keep the costs to the lowest terms possible.

The Plans for Medical Aid

Basically, there are two forms offered for the Polmed Medical Aid, and these are the high cost and the low cost products. For the Lower cost plans, the patient or member must put into account all the ailments and diseases of the beneficiaries as well as his own. There are some ailments that are typically not covered under the low cost plans, and for one to be unable to avail of the benefits will mean higher expenses to be paid out.

Another element that must be remembered with the low cost product is that there are only designated hospitals. Hence, not all the preferred hospitalisation packages being searched for will be available for the use of the patient. Co-payment will be required if the patient-member is hospitalised or admitted in non-designated hospitals.

For the high-cost benefit plans, the package will be more viable for members or beneficiaries who are frequently ill or have other serious ailments and diseases. Furthermore, the best thing about the package is that there are out-of-hospital benefit packages that can be claimed. These are high-cost plans that bring about the best benefits for members who often have above-average needs for frequent health or medical aid.

However, it is important to take into account the budget as these are medical plans that are not easy on the pocket. Certain ailments and diseases are often covered under this policy but not on the low-cost package deals.

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