Prosano is one of the most prominent names in the health or medical aid system of South Africa. Established way back in 1976, the company is considered to have a product mix that continues to meet the demands and needs of the public it serves. The length of time the Medical Aid has been in the market for decades, and it has solidified its stature because of the high rates of memberships that it gains in the industry. Strong relationships with the service providers as well as the best coverage of medical aid have ensured that all members will have excellent benefits and easy claims processing.

The Five Product Bases

There are technically five products that are offered by Prosano for the Medical Aid market of the South African industry. These are considered as some of the best and most prime packages that help every member ease the expenses they have to pay for medical treatments or hospitalisation. The Pro Elite is considered as the most comprehensive package they are able to deliver to the market. It comes with both in-hospital and out-of-hospital benefits, which are what most people aims to get from every medical aid product.

Benefits range from the covered renal dialysis, the dental specialists, organ transplants, and other treatments or medical tests. Out-of-hospital benefits are also one of the most extensive in the market. Features included in the package deal are the maternity benefits, alternative health care costs, optical, and medicines. The best thing about the Pro Elite program is that it covers an additional 18 diseases or ailments that are normally not part of any Medical Aid Scheme in South Africa. Eczema, Gout, Hepatitis, Depression, and Attention Deficit Disorder are only some of the diseases that can be covered by the Pro Elite Plan.

The second most popular medical aid system offered by Prosano is referred to as the Pro Classic systems. This is the covered plan that comes with the Medical Savings Account that ensures expenses for out-of-hospital medication and treatments are properly covered. Day-to-day benefits experienced by the member-patient are usually based or removed from the MSA. In addition to the MSA, the aid plan covers both the hospitalisation and out-of-hospital benefits that are almost similar to that of the Pro Elite, but with some differences. Plus, there are 39 covered chronic diseases that are part of the overall package deal of the Pro Classic.

The other packages of the Prosano Medical Aid Scheme are the ProVision, ProVider, and the ProCedure. Each of these deals will come with their own respective coverage that ensures proper medical service for any ailment as per the agreed contract or policy.

Coverage for its Members

There are ideally several beneficiaries that can be covered under the policy. Spouse and partner would form the basic covered partner in the plan, and this means that members must be able to display the necessary proof of such association. Children also are the second beneficiaries listed under the plan and the immediate family members such as a parent or sibling for whom he is financially responsible forms the third beneficiary.

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