Protea Medical Aid has made it possible for South Africans to receive adequate medical attention from established hospitals and rehabilitation centres. Even HIV and AIDS patients can get ample benefits by registering with Protea. The company knows that not everybody can afford to pay a high amount of monthly contribution, so it creates different medical aid schemes to suit the budget of everyone.

Many people have benefitted from the medical aspect because they chose Protea as their medical aid scheme provider. As a consequence, more people are able to enjoy a better state of health and that the average lifespan of South Africans has been observed to increase over the last decade. When the population is healthy, this scenario will likely contribute to an increase in the economy as well. Now that people can live longer than before, it’s crucial that they maintain being in this condition. Registering with Protea helps very much because with a low monthly fee, everyone gets the privilege to receive world class medical attention at all times.

The good news is that Protea provides a fair payment scheme to its members. As a matter of fact, there is not much difference in the amount of contribution required from one medical aid scheme to another. However, it should be noted that every medical aid scheme being offered by the company is unique in nature. It differs from one member to the next because everyone has individual needs when it comes to medical services and products. Basically, a younger member is required to pay a lower amount of monthly contribution when compared to an older member. This is only a general comparison though, as different terms and conditions may alter the amount of payment required from a member.

How the Scheme Works

In general if a member registers with Protea when he is already thirty-five years of age, he might be required to add a small payment into the total amount of his monthly contribution. This is not done to penalise the member for late registration, but rather it is done for the benefit of the registrant. The small addition will be used to cover for the additional benefits that may be required by the member, and it will also be used to ensure that a member always receives the benefits that he is entitled for.

Protea has always been lenient with its existing members as well as new members. Those who are wishing to take part in the scheme but already have some pre-existing conditions are not barred from joining in. As a matter of fact, everyone with a certain amount of medical condition is welcome to register with the company. The approval lies within the jurisdiction of the company and perhaps its Board of Trustees. A waiting period might apply to some cases but this is to ensure that the company is not exposed to uncalculated risks.

All in all, everyone is allowed to join in the medical aid scheme offered by Protea. The only requirement that is needed is that the person must be able to pay his monthly contribution without fail.

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