South Africa is known as one of the few countries around the world that have large conglomerates who aim to protect their employees. The Remedi Medical Aid is considered as one of the few closed schemes in the country that is open only for employees of the Remgro Limited Group. Subsidiaries or sister companies of the group are also part of the coverage. Remedi boasts of having the most extensive list of benefits and the most affordable contributions. Sustainable funding is the aim and basis of the company wherein health and life of the member-patient is retained. Cost-effective medical aid is the further objective of the company.

Three Options from Remedi

There are three product lines that have different coverage listings for medical care under the Remedi Group. The three packaged medical aid deals offered by Remedi are the Standard, the Classic, and the Comprehensive. These are packages that aim to deliver the most excellent health service for its members. Among the major benefits gained from the policies provided by Remedi is the Risk Benefit. Each package will have their own corresponding limits that are usually for the entire family.

Ideally, this is a benefit that is most closely related to in-hospitalisation features. While there are out-of-hospital functions that are part of the risk benefit, all others are most for hospitalisation. Pre-authorisation is again required prior for a member-patient to be admitted. On the other hand, emergency situations are also still covered under the benefits of the policy. For ambulance benefits, the member can directly call the ER24 service of the company or the MSP to ensure quick transportation to the hospital. If not possible, the member-patient can also have himself admitted to the emergency room.

Trauma recovery risk benefits are also part of the typical plans offered by Remedi. Usually, severe trauma is one of the most expensive medical treatments. The Trauma Recovery Benefit covers a range of different injuries such as crime related wounds, near-drowning conditions, paraplegia, quadriplegia, severe burns, head injuries, and poisoning. These are considered as severe cases of injuries that will result to disability.

The Standard Remedi Medical Aid is considered as the best option for those members who to have a predefined out-of-hospital care. In-hospitalisation benefits are already assured to be part of the package while the out-of-hospital will only have certain limits. An overall annual limit for the use of private healthcare facilities are also stated on the agreed contract. Among the out-of-hospital benefits are the defined practitioner visits, the acute or even chronic medications, and optometry expenses.

For the Classic package, it comes with the coverage for in-hospitalisation as well as several sets of predefined out-of-hospital benefits. Specific limits are also stated for such benefits. However, if the member-patient wants to have this full coverage of all the diseases and ailments, then the Comprehensive plan is the best option. Both in-hospital and out-of-hospital benefits are offered for the patient. An added benefit to the Comprehensive Remedi Medical Aid plan is the Medical Savings Account, which acts as the overall coverage for day-to-day expenses.

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