Resolution Health Medical Aid

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In response to the diverse needs of individuals when it comes to healthcare, Resolution provides 5 levels of medical aid schemes. These are designed to provide access to quality healthcare to individuals with different levels of income such that they get value for money, no matter how much their contribution. In addition to basic in and out-of-hospital treatment, members can look forward to specialised benefits such as maternity programmes for those who are about to become or have just become mothers.

Resolution prides itself in providing healthcare packages that are straightforward and easy to understand. Members are made fully aware of the terms of each offering and the benefits they can expect from them. They should expect no hidden charges or fine print that will inhibit them from receiving their claims when they need them.

For those young, healthy career men and women who are able to manage their own day-to-day medical needs, the Hospital plan is just what the doctor ordered. Among the benefits this option avails to Resolution medical scheme members is unlimited in and out-of-hospital cover, casualty benefit to take care of beneficiaries’ needs in case of an emergency and pharmacist benefit for over-the-counter drugs up to a specified limit. Other benefits include cover during international travel and cover for oncological treatment at hospitals within the Resolution network. Access to neo-natal intensive care subject to the scheme protocols and the ResoBaby Maternity Programme are also included in this package. The Progressive Flex option, in addition to these benefits, provides other goodies that are suitable to the needs of a young family such as additional benefits for GPs and specialists.

Helping members save

One of Resolution’s more innovative packages that enables members to make handsome savings while still accessing all their healthcare requirements is the Progressive Saver option. With this plan, members can carry forward whatever was not spent from their contributions within the year to the following year. And on top of the 25 chronic conditions in the prescribed minimum benefits chronic disease list, this option will cover up to 2 other kinds of ailments. Beneficiaries also have access to the Shield Benefit which includes cover for specialised dentistry of up to R8,000 per family every year. Comprehensive cover for larger families is provided by the Prestige Option. This Resolution medical scheme variant provides a set of unique additional benefits that include home nursing and rehabilitation treatment cover. It also offers beneficiaries more funds for treatment by top-notch GPs and specialists as well as comprehensive dental and optometry benefits.

But for those who may not yet have the income to sustain the contributions required for Prestige and Progressive options, the Foundation option provides a more affordable way to pay for quality medical attention. And looking at the list of benefits accessible under this plan, virtually all the essentials are covered; unlimited GP access to GPs on the Resolution network, casualty benefit for emergencies, casualty benefit, trauma benefit and unlimited hospitalisation in network institutions. Members will also have access to the Guardian Preventative Care Programme.