Resolutions Health strives to provide South Africans with quality healthcare at affordable prices.

There are 7 plans that Resolution offers, Foundation, Hospital, Progressive Flex, Progressive Flex Plus, Millenium Select, Millennium and Supreme.


This package is recommended for the lower income bracket. The Foundation offers unlimited hospital benefits provided that you use the prescribed hospital network. You get unlimited general practitioner visits and specialist visits to certain conditions and 7 days take home medicines. This includes your specialist, dentistry and optometry consults. There is access to the usual preventative care benefits such as flu vaccinations and child immunizations. You have access to emergency medical services anywhere in South Africa.


This plan is recommended for the young and healthy. The Hospital plan offers unlimited hospitalisation at any hospital and unlimited in-hospital general practitioner visits. Specialist fees are paid in full at the scheme rate. You have international travel cover. Day-to-day benefits include limited general practitioner visit for prescribed conditions and the added bonus of psychology and psychiatric treatment, radiology, pathology and dental surgery. You have free Zurreal membership.

Progressive Flex

This offers extensive allocated hospital cover, unlimited in-hospital general practitioner visits. Maternity care is also included. Specialist fees are covered. This cover includes a Medical Saving Account.

Progressive Flex Plus

Are you a young, healthy family? This is the choice for you. The Progressive Flex Plus allows you to choose the general practitioner and hospital that you are comfortable with.


This is the comprehensive yet flexible option. This cover includes a generous medical savings account with an above-threshold benefit so you have the flexibility to manage your own day-to-day expenses.

Millennium Select

This is also a cover for families and is just like the Millennium option. However, it is limited to the use of practitioners of the provider network.


The Supreme option is the extensive plan that includes comprehensive cover. This is ideal for families and individuals who require complete care.

The Zurreal health card is a health card that works similar to a medical savings account. It is a pre-funded card. It is only valid at medical service providers. You can top up your card by debit order. You can boost your saving with Zurreal Platinum cash back rewards. At the end of the year is the annual payout period.

The card can be used to buy vitamins, pay for prescription medicines, stock up your first aid kit and even cover any levies or co-payments.

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