The Samwu Medical Aid is one of the longest standing medical care programmes in South Africa. Established way back in 1952, it was formed by the Cape Town Municipal Worker’s Association. The idea and concept behind its creation was mainly to provide the necessary healthcare for its patients and such. The Fund was structured in the simplest manners that even the ordinary people can learn and use the features it has. Changes to the policies and rules of the Fund happened quite prominently over the years as local legislation and rules came into being. By 1999, the Samwu Medical Aid started to form this national scheme that will provide the best services.

Why Choose the Samwu Medical Aid?

Several reasons have been stated by the members why they prefer to have the services of the Samwu Medical Aid as their main health care provider. Financial stability and security is perhaps one of the foremost reasons why the group or the Fund has been considered by plenty of customers. Solvency ratios of the company indicate that it is far higher as compared to other players in the industry. Government policy states that 25 percent of the capital should be liquid, and the Samwu Medical Aid is essentially way above this barrier.

Perhaps another primary reason why the Samwu Medical Aid is the preferred choice is that it was started by workers in 1952. Hence, the plight of the common people is always understood by the people behind the organization. By taking extra care to work for the specific needs of the workers, the company has developed this vast ratio of being one of the most renowned Schemes in South Africa.

The target audience or members of the Samwu Medical Aid is the local government employees. Hence, it only means that their exclusivity to such customers will lead them to create the best potential treatments and services that people will use. Government employees who happen to be part of the Medical Aid scheme will be assured that their healthcare interests and needs will be the primary focus rather than having quite a huge coverage.

Value for money is lastly one of the major reasons why most people prefer to get the services offered by Samwu Medical Aid. Benefits and payouts of claims are always in line with the premiums paid by its members. Hence, the best customer service is attained with ease and speed that most people want to get from their health care insurance policies.

The Product Groupings

Samwu Medical Aid is proud to say that their product care packages are quite simple, and they offer two very basic coverage schemes, which are referred to as the Option A and the Option B. Each of these products will come with varied limits for the hospitalisation and out-of-hospital benefits. Usually, the difference would be the corresponding limits that each product has. Also, prices for each of the options will vary according to the number of beneficiaries listed and the specified conditions required.

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