When it comes to health care and medical services, it will be the MedScheme group that will offer some of the most extensive Schemes in South Africa. Among the Schemes that are part of the groups’ plans is the Sasol Medical Aid. This is typically a product line made specifically for employees of the Sasol Group of Companies. Incidentally, the product specifications of the coverage even include those former employees who have retired, been retrenched, or became medically disabled. Dependents of employees such as the spouse, children, and even the parents of the employees will be covered under the policy.

The Basic Rules of the Policy

It comes to most members that when they have the Sasol Medical Aid, they will have the basic coverage for all their medical needs and concerns. However, the fact of the matter is there are certain policies that have to be adhered to or at least understood prior to the usage of the plan. One of the major issues the member has to work with is the waiting period for availing the benefits of the medical scheme. For example, the policy indicates principal members must have not had any cover for at least 90 days and membership is less than 24 months. This is also referred to as the general waiting period that a member-patient has to meet prior to acquiring the full benefits of the program.

The second basic waiting period is the 12-month condition specific timeframe. In essence, this means the basic waiting period for a member prior to him availing benefits specified for that particular condition. Generally, the conditions that will be formed as part of this will be those that belong to chronic conditions or even regular or common ailments. In cases of the child dependents, there shall be no need to have a waiting period. Furthermore, there will be no such periods when the member has to transfer the membership because of the change in employment.

One of the foremost product lists that Sasol Medical Aid has offered the market is the Managed Care Programme. This is the holistic approach that aims to promote and sell the overall health conditions of the member-patient and to prevent the occurrence of a disease or an ailment. Treatment and care for the patients has been stated to be of the utmost importance with this in order to sustain life of the patient and to give back some normalcy.

A further benefit to be gained from the use of the Sasol Medical Aid is the Chronic Medicine Management, which is essentially the level of medications perfect and fit for members who often have prolonged illnesses. This program is a part of the Sasol Medical Aid and will come with the payments for the quality medication that is cost-effective. Guidelines and Protocols have been clearly stated in the brochures and contracts of the program, and certain drugs will often be not considered to be part of it. Hence, it is best to review the listed prescribed medicines first prior to availing them from the program.

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