Health care facilities and centres are increasing in prices and cost all over South Africa. With most people earning only enough to pay for their monthly bills, the necessity to have the right Medical Scheme and Plan will come into play. Among the most popular Schemes in the market is the Selfmed Medical Aid, which is typically a medium sized company that was established in 1965.

Good governance and the commitment to ethical standards to health care, the facility serves as one of the few companies that have joined forces in creating the Ethics Institute of South Africa. The best thing about Selfmed Medical Aid is they have one of the highest solvency ratios in the country, which ensures the full capability of the company to pay for the needs of their member-patients.

The Reasons Why Selfmed Medical Aid

If there is one reason why Selfmed Medical Aid is preferred by most people, it is the fact that it comes with increased benefits every year. In fact for 2012 alone, the business offers this range of services touted to be quite stable and very productive. All of the product choices and alternatives they have are all approved by the Registrar of Medical Schemes. The company is a self-managed group, and the members of the Aid system are considered to have the best interaction possible. The group is considered to have this standard hierarchy that will bring about the best solutions to any conditions and problems of the company.

Perhaps one of the major reasons why the group is considered as one of the most famed in the market is because of the simplistic approach that it has for the products. Catering to the needs of its members, the Selfmed Medical Aid has the basic needs of the patients as well as the additional features that make it a standout. Personalised service would form another reason why the company is considered or preferred against others. With an emphasis on placing good customer service, Selfmed Medical Aid aims to deliver health care and medical treatments for their members at all times.

The 2012 Package Deals

Several product lines of Selfmed Medical Aid have seen quite a huge increase in benefits over the years. Med Elite, Self Med Self Sure and other product lines come with the increments that benefit their members. Hospitalisation benefits are considered as one of the most expansive, and they also offer this medicine on discharge functions, which means that it becomes a part of the hospital benefits. Typically, other features that make the product a famed one include the emergency transport, the access to professional management programmes and a host of other medical treatments.

Selfmed Medical Aid offers a system that is considered as secure and real. It dedicates every inch of its services for the betterment of the patients. Established over forty years ago, the company is one of the most experienced in the country, and it comes with the service noted to exceed the expectations of its members.

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