If you are feeling unhappy or unsure about your current medical aid scheme, then this is probably a question that you have asked yourself more than once. Considering changing your medical aid scheme is entirely up to you; and this will depend on various factors such as the monthly instalment you need to pay, the benefits you get, and your overall experience with the company in question. Of course there are a number of resources open to you to help to make the answer or getting the right answer easier.

A medical aid scheme is there to look after you and your family when you need medical attention; this can include a doctor’s appointment, a regular check-up, or a medical emergency that will involve surgery or special care. People with children can especially benefit from a medical aid, since children can get injured on the playground, or become sick at any time. It’s no secret that medical expenses are extremely high, and without a medical aid it will be difficult to cover all the costs; especially for people that do not have additional funds available in an emergency. There are so many different medical aid schemes and plans available, and they will literally cater for any individual; regardless of your level of income, personal background, or special needs.

If you are unhappy with your medical aid, you have the right to inform them about these issues, and first see if they will offer you an alternative. You may also upgrade or downgrade your plans if finances are a bit tight for you; this will also help to keep your medical aid without the need to cancel your plan. Many people choose to downgrade to a cheaper monthly premium, until they are back on their feet. This is no need to completely cancel your medical aid, since you never know when you might urgently need medical attention. It’s always best to talk to your current service provider and try to find a solution, before you change companies altogether. If you feel that you are not getting value for money, you can contact a few other medical aid service providers and ask them for a comparative quote. Compare the benefits that you will get, as well as the monthly premiums and decide which plan is right for you. The first company that you phone is not necessarily the best one, so be sure to always compare plans and keep an eye on what they offer.

In general, you should only change your medical aid if you feel that you are not getting value for money. Medical aids are quite competitive since they would like to keep their current clients as much as possible. If you can get a better deal from another service provider, contact your current scheme and ask them if they can match the offer that you have been provided with. Choosing a medical aid plan is all a matter of personal choice; and of course value for money at all times.

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