Over the 34 years of its existence, the Sizwe Medical Fund has cemented a credible reputation as one of the medical cover providers that really listens to the needs of South African workers. Employees from high-earning executives to lower income labourers have found in Sizwe a partner to shoulder their medical worries cost effectively.

Those on especially tight budgets have come to appreciate the way this medical scheme provides affordable access to quality health services as well as a number of added-value services. Sufferers of chronic maladies You can say this fund, administered by Sechaba Medical Solutions, actually lives up to its slogan ‘Caring for the health of the nation’. It is therefore unsurprising that Sizwe Medical Fund has grown into one of the country’s largest open medical schemes.

Sizwe has established a network of low cost health care providers that allow those of more modest incomes to still be able to access basic health care.

There are three main packages available to Sizwe subscribers: Sizwe Full Budget, Sizwe Affordable and Sizwe Primary.

Cover for chronic diseases

With the Prescribed Minimum Benefits or PMB, policy holders who suffer from chronic maladies are assured of receiving vital medicines throughout the year affordably. It is essentially a list of 26 medical conditions including asthma, diabetes, haemophilia, chronic renal disease and HIV/AIDS that members of medical schemes can expect to be covered for. Members who visit designated service providers will be covered fully, but should they prefer to seek medical attention from providers other than these, they will be required to make a copayment. In case of emergency medical care being required as a result of a chronic ailment taking a sudden turn for the worse, Sizwe Medical Aid subscribers need not fret as this cost is covered in their medical package. In order to reduce the need for hospitalisation among sufferers of chronic ailments, Sechaba provides a wellness programme free of charge that educates this class of policy holders on how they can better manage their conditions. In addition, HIV/AIDS patients will have access to the Sechaba Well-Care programme that furnishes them with a dedicated team of health professionals to train them on how best to manage their health in order to remain vibrant and productive .

When it comes to dental health, Sizwe provides a package that gives members unlimited access to all essential services including two yearly dental check-up visits to keep dental complications at bay. However, those wishing to undergo cosmetic dentistry should be prepared to foot a proportion, if not the entire bill.

Another benefit Sizwe Medical Fund members can look forward to is 24 hour emergency response from Europ Assistance SA ambulances. All treatment carried out en route to the hospital including monitoring of vitals and emergency supply of blood or medicines is catered for. 24-hour professional medical advice is also provided as part of the benefits under this scheme. Beneficiaries can call this line any time of day or night and get vital information on a broad spectrum of health concerns including poisoning and advice on certain types of medicines.

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