The Telemed Medical Aid was previously one of the renowned Medical Aid Schemes in South Africa. However, in 2010 it was merged and taken over by the Bestmed Medical Aid Scheme. Hence, for whatever benefits that the former members of the Telemed Medical Aid had, they will be harvesting the better and more prominent features that Bestmed has. This combined effort has led the Bestmed Medical Aid as one of the most popular in the market. The intention of the company is not to reduce the privileges and benefits that Telemed members have, but rather enhance it and protect it. The financial prowess and strength that Bestmed Medical Aid has is considered to be because of their strong concepts and designs of great products and excellent customer service.

Products for Each and Everyone

The Bestmed Group has offered three different product lines that former Telemed members can use for their own medical needs and treatments. The first of the list of medical aid schemes that members can choose from is the Beat Product line. This package comes with 3 different beats that member-patients can use and benefit from. In a basic view, the product comes with the full hospitalisation benefits but it will have the limited savings account that is for the use of out-of-hospital treatments.

Essentially, this is a product listing that is ideal for the young, where most of the members will have the least need of any hospitalisation. The main idea behind the product is to give its members the opportunity to remain safe and have the best medical aid possible. Usually, the Beat 1 Line is considered as the most ideal for the young. The Second Beat comes with the package benefits of the vaccines and preventive treatments for any possible diseases while the Third Beat comes with the maternity benefits and features.

The second product line is the Pace, which is referred to as the product scheme that comes with the full hospitalisation functions and the presence of a higher savings account to cover out-of-hospital needs and treatments. The Pace 1 comes with the vaccines and other preventive medications as well as basic HIV testing and PAP smears. The best thing about this line is that it comes with coverage for any chronic medication. Pace 2 offers the members the ability to choose their preferred doctors and medical centres or facilities. Pace 3 and Pace 4 are product lines that aim to help those people that happen to be older and who are often in need of the best medical care in higher frequencies.

The third product line offered to the former members of the Telemed group is the Pulse product. Essentially, this is actually an option that comes with the benefits of full hospitalisation and out-of-hospital features. The major difference between this and the other medical aid packages is there are identified network providers that are designated for use. Hence, the members can still have the best care possible, but only with the network providers assigned or that is a part of the group.

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