Tiger Brands Medical Aid Scheme provides a cost-effective solution to those who are planning to enrol into medical service schemes but they have a limited budget in hand. The benefits provided by the company are basically comprised of the traditional medical solutions. The good thing is that members are able to choose their own medical service package, and this means nobody will be paying more than he is ready to part with. Basically, Tiger Brands are focusing into two different medical service packages. The first one caters to all in-hospital needs and it is called the Hospital Plan. The second package caters to out-of-hospital needs and it is known by all as the Routine Care Plan.

Tiger Brands is the Better Health Scheme Option

First and foremost nobody is forced to spend more than his spending ability, and this is one of the greatest benefits can be enjoyed by registering under Tiger Brands. Patients will be able to enjoy a heapful of day-to-day benefits as stipulated under the Annual Routine Care Benefit segment. In certain cases, members will also be allowed access to expanded benefits, and this is based on approval and agreed formula. Special attention is given to women – oral contraceptives and devices are generously given to ensure their wellbeing is taken care of. General medical check-up sessions are allowed and the areas include the screen test sessions to identify the presence of high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol among members. What’s best about Tiger Brands is the fact that it allows members to choose their own service provider. Other than that, the company is so generous that no annual limitation has ever been imposed.

Other Benefits

No other fee is required from a member as everything pertinent to day-to-day benefits is paid via the ARCB account. If in any way that the ARCB account gets depleted, anyone can actually request to have the benefits expanded. The generosity in the expansion of benefits relies pretty much on the type of medical option being chosen by a member.

Extended benefits are normally given to those suffering from chronic diseases or those who need to seek further medical care and attention from the hospital. In many cases, these patients may have depleted their regular benefits due to the extended services and medications needed to treat their chronic medical condition. The extended benefits are often granted based on the specific formula generated by the members of the Board of Trustees. Certain forms need to be filled up prior to applying the extended benefits.

For chronic illnesses, coverage is often given to medications that enable patients to sustain life. Common examples may include medications for high blood pressure and diabetic patients.

When a member is hospitalized, the fees are taken from the Hospital Plan. Members are required to inform their hospital admissions to the responsible body within 48 hours. In this case, Universal Care is the appointed responsible body, and it takes care of matters pertinent to pre-authorization and other verification as well as management issues.

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