Transmed Medical Aid is a privately held health care medical aid system that has been noted to offer the best health services for employees of the Transnet Group. The vastness of the product services and medical aid systems of the company are considered to be one of the most diverse. Members belonging to the said group have benefited from the plans of the Transmed Medical Aid. If there is one major advantage the policy has offered the market, it is the fact they come with the biggest inclusion of benefits for the primary member’s family.

The Background of the Medical Aid Policy

Certain rules have been created by the health aid provider to ensure there is that streamlined approach to the claims. Primarily, the major focus of the plan is to consider who will be the set of people that will be part of the overall coverage of the medical aid. Typically, the best thing about the membership status is that members who have had their employment terminated by basis of disability, ill-health, or retirement will still be included in the package deal that their company has agreed with Transmed. Hence, if newer changes to the plans are present, they shall also be part of the changes.

Several medical aid plans are offered by Transmed for their members. Typically, there are three major policies given for the members to choose from, and these are the State Plus Network, State Plus Own Choice, and the Private Network Saver. The first product offers a range of benefits that include day-to-day services from different clinics and physicians. Hospitalisation for the package ensures acceptance to State enhanced facilities or basic State medical Centres. The State Plus Own Choice will also ensure acceptance to state-owned medical facilities.

If the patient assumes to have the need of a private hospital, then he has the option to do so. However, Transmed only allows such on hospitals and medical facilities that are part of the Transmed Private Hospital Network. The case for acceptance to such institutions is only possible when the act is considered as involuntary. For example, if the needed treatment or care system is not available from the State DSP, which means members will have to be moved to a private institution. Treatments may include surgical procedures or for emergency cases. Lastly, acceptance to the private networks of hospitals can only be possible when there is no nearby facility or DSP.

Managed Care Programmes

If there is one major advantage the system of Transmed offers, it is the fact they have this Eldercare Programme, which is perfect for both members or their family members aged 60 and above. It aims to ensure there is the presence of healthy aging and will help people become more educated in coping with the ailments and diseases that occur at such time.

However, the Eldercare system is not the only managed care program they offer. HIV Care and Oncology cases have also been offered for those in need of it. From assisting people in the right care of the symptoms and treatments, members will have this better opportunity in living normal lives regardless of the disease they carry.

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