Universal Medical Aid is Universal Care for everyone in South Africa. The Aid was once known or referred to as the QA Care Plus, which is a subsidiary of the Universal Healthcare Program. Credited to be one of the best healthcare systems in the world, this comprehensive and fully functional product is stated to have set the benchmark for the industry. Combining business intelligence with the excellent health care systems is the goal of the company, and each product they offer is crafted specifically according to the needs of the patient-members. Universal Medical Aid is considered as a personalized view of medical aid schemes, and it has certainly delivered its part of the bargain.

The Care Model of the Universal Medical Aid

The product packages of the Universal Medical Aid are crafted for the care and medical treatment of the patients. It is an organization that strongly believes in the proper involvement and movement of things in the right way. Each of the care packages of the company are considered to be in strict adherence to their policies and rules. Basically, their mission is to give the right treatment with the help of a professional in a proper setting at the right time and for an affordable price. This notion and concept has been applied by the company to all its different product packages, and it has so far delivered such.

Comprehensive and universal is the overall approach of the company, which means they ensure this integrated system that works for all its employees under one group. Ideally, the system offers this quicker sharing and accessibility to information, which is what most management groups want to get for their employees. Several elements have been noted to be essential to the success of the Universal Medical Aid, and the first is that is the group has this Clinical Committee who regularly handles the overall funding decisions. Guidelines have been developed by this group to ensure the full function and potential of the product is reached with the highest ethics and quality.

Business intelligence also happens to be a critical element to the success of the Universal Medical Aid. The use and application of the modern technologies and the presence of the best devices ensure the full recovery of the patient-member. Database and informational centres of the company are quite extensive as it spans for several decades. Hence, every aspect of the medical field is utilised by the Universal Medical Aid.

Flexibility and personalised care are two added factors as to the popularity of the Universal Medical Aid. These are considered as the service that applies according to the specific needs of the patient as well as the use of the individually driven schemes that are quite easy on the pocket. The personalised care programme of the company ensures that appropriate and cost-effective care is offered for each patient-member. In fact, the Universal Medical Aid aims to assess and review each of the patient’s cases to ensure the full maximum care for its members.

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