Medihelp Medical Aid

Medihelp offers medical aid plans for different life stages and different budgets. They have 200 000 members in just 20 years. All plans cover major medical services, screening tests and day-to-day doctor visits.

Medihelp has a Healthprint Programme available to all members at no extra cost. This qualifies them for discounts on products and services in both healthcare and retail stores. Expectant mothers can enroll for the Mum and Me programme. There is an online list of vaccines that baby will require. Active people can join the Multisport club. There are discounts at approved gyms and sports tournaments. It is currently only in the Gauteng North region. Membership includes a free starter pack and free entry to Medihelp sponsored events. There is a discount on all cycling and gear.

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Momentum Medical Aid

momentum medical aidMomentum is currently the fourth largest provider of medical aids plans in South Africa. They have a member base of 90 000.

Momentum Multiply is a wellness programme

Adventure Boot Camp is targeted at the adult female and is four-week courses that offer health and fitness activities. This way they can earn points. There are sports programmes targeted at males. For children, there are fitness challenges staged at different intervals. If you cannot make any of these there is free online access to fitness routines provided by FitTrack. To top all that if exercise is not for you, they provide you with a free pedometer that can earn you points.

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GEMS Medical Aid

GEMS stands for Government Employees Medical Scheme. The medical aid is simple. You are covered for all the basic medical requirements provided that you use the dedicated general practitioner or hospital in that plans authorised list. There are no frills and fancies on this medical aid. Important to remember is that everything has to pre-approved to avoid penalties. There is a Wellness programme but it has to be approved by your department. Gems medical aid has five options

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Pregnant? Which Medical Aid?

Plan ahead for a worry-free pregnancy.

The important thing to do, if you are planning to fall pregnant, is making sure you are on a medical aid first. Most will not provide cover if you fall pregnant before joining the scheme. This could result in you facing a large medical bill for treatment during pregnancy and the delivery or using public healthcare to reduce the costs.

Most medical aids in South Africa will provide expenses for checkups and treatment during your pregnancy, hospitalisation and delivery and some antenatal benefits. That is, provided you were on the plan before falling pregnant. Joining a plan after falling pregnant could mean you are subject to exclusions or a waiting period.

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Myths about SA Medical Schemes

There are a number of widely believed myths about medical schemes in South Africa. This article will give you the truth behind the myths.

Myth: My applications can be turned down by a scheme
Provided you pay the monthly fees, the scheme cannot decline your application. They can implement a 12-month waiting period for specific conditions or a standard 3-month waiting period for all claims. They are also entitled to charge a late joining penalty.

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10 Reasons Why You Cannot Go Without Medical Aid

Many of us are healthy and rarely get sick. This applies to individuals as well as families. What a pleasure to have good health but do not take it for granted. Even the healthiest people can suddenly be struck down with a serious illness or have a major injury or accident. Do not think it can’t happen to you or your family.

Sadly, government hospitals in South Africa suffer from a lack of funds, a lack of staff and a lack of equipment. Many of them try very hard but struggle to give good basic health care. If you can afford it, medical aid is not a luxury, it is essential.

There are a number of good reasons to join a medical aid and the sooner the better.

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Medical Aid for the Elderly (Parents and Grandparents)

Caring for the health and comfort of those in their golden years is not always easy.

Pensioners find themselves face to face with some tough issues when it comes to medical aid. In many cases, the elderly have limited financial resources at their disposal at retirement and due to their age, they need medical care for any chronic or other conditions they may have as they get older.

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7 Massive Ways The NHI Will Affect You

Changes to the National Health Insurance (NHI) are going to happen. The final details are not yet cast in stone but a dramatic shift is imminent. By 2022, the NHI should be in full effect.

Some of the points are still being debated but the changes will have a dramatic effect on most South Africans.

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What Is a Co-Payment?

It is extremely important that medical aid members understand co-payments in order to avoid costly surprises. Medical aid plans have to have limits in place to control their business, calculate monthly contributions and avoid abuse.

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What to look for when taking out medical aid

Choosing Medical AidShopping around for the best medical aid for you and your loved ones is a daunting task. There are many factors to consider and it is an extremely important choice.

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